Desisister what ?

Don’t even ask….desisisters is the name of the really big idea that won’t go away, that made me give up my £60,000 a year job and my house,and endure Christmases without presents, winters without heating..I so wish I was lying…

and I still haven’t done any sort of business plan or sorted out the website….

and they were going to sack me for dancing Bhangra at my desk anyway…and my house was falling down…


either life is totally unrecognisable from the life I had in 2004 before this whole thing started ,when I contracted possibly the worst case of Bhangra Fever of all time…

Something i wrote earlier with very little solid information but hopefully amusing

Desisister Jen…named because I founded Desisisters , and because I have a ‘desi’ attitude, most of the time….

Back in 2005 ? , I contracted a serious case of Bhangra Fever, and by 2007, I had abandoned my former life as an IT systems developer and put all my efforts into Desisisters…. I decided that Bhangra,Bollywood, the whole positive Desi vibe, was soooooo good, it had to be shared…

I created Desisisters  to ensure that I spent most of my life dancing bhangra and wearing sparkly stuff…but something went horribly wrong and here I am spending hours at my PC  in my pajamas..getting fat…such irony…

In the course of struggling to figure out a way to do the Desisister thing , without either starving or embracing the world of business I had many (rather wonderful) adventures and also spent a ridiculous amount of time online…

where I learnt a great deal about social media, and the ‘movements ‘ behind it…the cubicle escapees,career renegades, a Seth Godin.,Jonathan Fields, the Portland posse…..fascinating lots of stuff about links,tags and traffic.

Desisisters is ‘coming of age’ now….. a whole big,huge, concept, ‘change the world’ , network, female empowerment thing around it…that should emerge over the second half of 2012


For more about Desisisters (note I said ‘more’…not ‘clarity’…you have been warned see

There are bits of me and/or DesiSisters scattered all over the Internet….but

THIS BLOG  is where I share   ‘escape and start a business ‘ , ‘social media’  stuff and point newbies over to the  people that I’ve found (and tormented), plus random updates on my life, observations on the world of the ‘self-employed’ and tips on how not to run a business….

feel free to stick around….there’s a subscribe button over in the sidebar somewhere if you want updates in your inbox…


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