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Posts that I absolutely love..that stand out for all time ..

The Complete Flake’s Guide to Getting Things Done | Remarkable Communication

.One of those ‘This is me’ posts..haven’t even finished reading it but knew I had to share :) Every word is sooooooo true !

The Complete Flake’s Guide to Getting Things Done | Remarkable Communication

For Kiri @theKdiaries…You ARE Frodo…

Frodo had just encountered the WordPress Dashboard

For the last six months I have been literally consumed by Twitter…diving down every last wormhole and reading blog after blog after blog…

…this has caused serious weight gain and I’ve lost the ability to speak to anyone who doesn’t bleep first (tweetdeck noises)…BUT

it does mean I can tell my friends...who,what,where  is the stuff that they need to get their mojo moving…

I decided that Kiri, aka @thekdiaries ,another  Desisister and  nouveau blogesse, could do with a little Naomi ..

She (@thekdiaries not @naomidunford..come on now, focus..)

has an uncanny gift with all things spritiual,(I rely heavily on her Angel readings to keep me sane) , combined with some sharp business wooha ….She is Frodo, she has something the world needs…and Naomi puts ot sooo delicately..not :)

I remembered the first time I really noticed Naomi Dunford.

It was last year (2010) , one of those all too familiar days when I thought I’d gone crazy (still a possibility), … I was despairing and trying to imagine going back to my old job …and she dropped this little missive into my inbox…

so entertaining its worth reading whether you’re embracing entrepreneurship or not…….

quote … ‘You’re like Frodo….if you don’t accept it you’re a dick’…classic

Naomi Dunford…. ‘Viral Marketing , The Hero’s Journey, and naturally, The Lord Of The Rings

You can find more from Naomi at her blog Ittybiz , and you can find her on Twitter @NaomiDunford…

and finally…more Frodo

Frodo had been having a hard day with WordPress....


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