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UFFT!!! Web developers and their egos


Should have been launching Desisisters website today…. or at least by weekend.

Everything was looking good, or so I thought.. I paid $335 last month, part of a 12 month payment plan ..overall structure of site looking good but didn’t like content. Had been agreed all along that this was obviously my area of expertise.. Got second draft of homepage…overall good but didn’t like text or pics but was assured they were only placeholders..sent off final list of revisions late Aug ?

August 10th get a lovely email advising me that she’s bailed and she’s keeping the money she’s been paid.. nice… apparently this is her ‘professional’ opinion.. suppose nobody told her about ‘professional etiquette’…i,e, discussion with client , discuss, resolve..nope…just this arrigant high-handed snotty email

asked if I could maybe have files for website, load on Hostgator and finish myself.. apparently that’s a no-no too..

what becomes abundantly obvious is that this is about her ego, not my website.. I know how the DesiSisters website needs to feel and look …She knows nothing, absolutely nothing about what the term ‘desi’ means and even less about Bollywood,Bhangra etc. Arrogant, rude, unprofessional… absolutely furious 🙂

. its the ‘Oh jenny’ that gets me…  #patronising #arrogance


Excuse me while I barf ..

I have filed a complaint with BBB and FTC.. which is about as much as I can do right now.. I did try talking to her but it just got worse..excuse the terrible highlighting..have removed her details … her attitude is absolutely unbelievable….stunningly rude and arrogant



here’s an example of where we crossed swords..

My version : #desi’fication  – transformation of Mind, Body and Spirit through the correct application of Bollywood,Bhangra and Bling’

her version: Desification – The Act of Learning to claim the strength of Positivity through the liberal application of Bollywood Bhangra and Bling,A cross-cultural invitation to free yourself from western stress in the desi tradition of finding happiness in uninhibited silliness’  <<< ??> SILLINESS ???????????????????

Apart from being terrible grammatcially, and dull as fuck, its also highly offensive.. desi=uninhibted silliness..  ??

BUT in her professional opinion this is a better piece of text.. excuse me whilst I rage

This isn’t about design, its arrogance. In her opinion my words, my vision won’t work…

note the bit about ‘you just want someone to push pixels around’ .. and what is so wrong with that ?

What I really love is the sudden announcement that she has a riight to keep my cash for her work…

I could rage about this forever but…I need to pull myself back from this and get on with Doll videos and sales. two young ladies in Mumbai who are desperately waiting for next phase… sales from dolls = funding for next phase. Minus the cash we just lost on our website, although I’ll cover that personally for now …

Also, building my own goddamn website… needs to be done somehow ..

Love an peace


oh….biting my tongue HARD :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

ok..finally..still in India


Its 3am…I’m in a gorgeous hotel…1939s Art Deco Marine Drive…trying hard not to think what its cost me and trying desperately to remember how much I’ve spent on room service since I got here two days ago…

Turns out not planning your itinerary before departure isn’t a ticket to freedom…I’ve spent more time on this holiday scanning budget hotel sites than I have planning the project, sorting the website,sightseeing and hardly a sniff of sunbathing…although the latter I’ve decided is best left for Europe where removing your clothing doesn’t cause shockwaves across the entire coastline..

I’ve stayed in 4 hotels and one apartment, been on three flights,one epic train journey,and move again tomorrow.. Last leg, final 9 days at Hotel Stay Land ,.. Sweet little hotel in not so sweet surroundings .. But convenient.. And most importantly close to Barista SV Road…where I can smoke,drink coffee as I think…something I need to do a lot of
I planned this originally as a get away … 7 weeks in isolation to think about own dangerous obsession/cunning plan to change the world …then I invited my sonson…middle son…for a variety of reasons…and one of my friends…

Spent last 4 weeks pulled in different directions…torn between holiday mode, trying to ‘work’ and panicking…a lot..

Just to make things easier I decided to get desisisters website built whilst I was here…

Add to the above a backdrop of chargers that don’t charge, intermittent WiFi, power cuts and now a mobile phone that refuses to switch on…and as its a lenovo…finding it hard to get it fixed herd 🙂

Then again … I am sat in an absolutely lovely hotel on marine drive…possibly the most under marketed hotel ever…not a hint of its true character on Got here to find a 1930’s art deco masterpiece lovingly preserved and maintained…huge room…huge bed… Corridors full of art… Its really an experience…with staff to match…what the Directors PA referred to as The Real India’ …and she’s right

Have found that the fastest way to gain weight is to combine fast food, cappuccinos, but brittle. Samoisas and chain…put on so much weight I look like a ships prow

And its monsoon season…where you get wet the skin if you don’t move fast enough when the rain starts…and puddkes everywhere….feet constantly wet

And I fell down a hole…I’ll explain more about that later…battery on tablet flaking by the second..

Big plans for my last 9 days…ready to slap the next person who tells me relax and enjoy my Holiday 🙂

Not quite so bleak as it sounds.. iIT Mumbai are interested in developing/collaboration in MissionMumbai…

Off to bedski..almost 4am ..and Mr frantic check out clerk will be on my case first thing… He’s already tried to check me out days early

Oh..forgot to mention have become estranged from my clean clothes..went to Goa with light packing..beachwear..left half a suitcase here in Mumbai..currently in someone’s boot…thanks to phone crashing have been unable to sort…forced to wander around The Ambassador..5 star grubby salwar and floaty tops..

Talk soon xxxx going before battery goes and I lose the post

Coming soon : mandovi express, cows of candolim..Ambassador gorgeousness,MarinevDrive..and a new website
Love an peace
Jen xx

Mubarakan [Title Track] – Juggy D, Yash Narvekar, Badshah, Sukriti Kakar, Rishi Rich & Yash Anand

I used Shazam to discover Mubarakan [Title Track] by Juggy D, Yash Narvekar, Badshah, Sukriti Kakar, Rishi Rich & Yash Anand.

Friday Night in Goa anyone

I’d blog but….. 

Its Friday

I’m in Goa.. 

Better still am in Baga..North Goa..

The music is good… The monsoon is beautiful…and its Friday night and I can feel the club’s ready to start bouncing…

Lots to tell… Train journeys… More flights..lots of rain…four dolls done..and IIT Mumbai stuff to share

Later…  Maybe later tonight..or tomorrow #itsFriday 

6am from a balcony somewhere in Candolim..goa

After a somewhat discordant dawn chorus…dogs howling at 4.30am…followed by cocks crowing and cows mooing…all of which stopped the minute I came out on the balcony with my coffee

Sat here looking at coconut trees and wondering just what I’m doing India that is…

I had a plan..I know I did..but hot..and hot and hotter…and rain…and what seemed plausible in UK now seems laughable..

Have ordered a new website for Desisisters..mapped out a launch plan and a social media strategy but all I can think about is where my next paratha is coming from…and how much this is all costing 

I swear to god I will never launch myself halfway across the world without planning and budgeting ever again.. way way over what I thought it would.cost

Had a bit of a disastrous trip to mapusa yesterday… Moral of the story..never jump on a bus in ridiculously hot weather without some prep..or idea of where you’re going and why…bus journey was…great trip down lanes…all went downhill after we got off the bus…didn’t get further than three Laps round the market before I abandoned ship and went home..

Back to Mumbai at weekend for a few days and then back to Goa…check in with the girls see how they’re getting on with the dolls..

Just for you…video of palm trees from my balcony this morning

erm.yeah..about that last post ‘Keep Mum Alive’

Popped onto wordpress tonight to write a post and spotted my last published post…a set of notes hastily banged out just before we left for Goa.. I think…days ago anyway… no idea how that got published : )

So here you are, last post explained..

Keep mum alive 


One job, just one job, KEEP MUM ALIVE !

“Josh gave me one job, just one job to do on this holiday and that was ‘KEEP MUM ALIVE’ !!! ”

Sorry, had me crying with laughter…..

Josh is my youngest son, who treats me like his child…aged 20 at present..(pictured above) and Charlie is my older son,31 (?ish?) middle child.pictured below..and who, for for various reasons is out here in India with me…



Cause :  Both ,my sons being more than aware of my erratic behaviour patterns and willingness to get into cars with complete strangers (Amsterdam, thought it was  a taxi, no glasses on , didnt see bulletholes or missing windows…had to be rescued by my now ex-husband… but not before a journey to the outskirts of the city , return at knifepoint..)

walk into roads oblivious to oncoming traffic … wander off with complete strangers…never come to any harm but still…

Josh apparently gave Charlie this instruction the night before we left.. which he shared with me as he yanked me out of the path of an oncoming big white car with very big headlights which were awfully close by the time I noticed.. sorry, I still think its really funny, being lectured on road safety by my son…  sons even…

oh…and my total lack of respect for my own health , came back with a stomach parasite last time, due to the devouring of everything anyone put in front of me, street food, and brushing my teeth with tap water..

Decapitation by fan

Charlie failed to notice this particular hazard but I did moments before I almost got scalped. For the first week in India, we stayed in a little hotel in Santa Cruz Mumbai… my room had a fan immediately above the bed.

getting ready for a meeting the other day I jumped on the bed to check my reflection in the mirror the mirror and jumped off twice as fast just in time to prevent myself beng scalped by said fan :)))

Went to tell Charlie and he;d just barrowly escaped losimg a hand as he put his hands up to remove his t-shirt, which became entangled in fan in his room…obviousy

sorry, I don’t know if it was a ‘you had to be there’ moment, but I’m crying with laughing again just thinking about it…

Swift resume…story so far…

Well, at time of leaving those notes had just finished a week in Mumbai, now ten days later in Goa…there’s been a train journey, massive jet lag, a lot of rain, stunning heat, a lot of time cooped up in the apartment .. too hot, too tired… did i mention a LOT of rain..and a momentous train ride that nearly killed me…and a few to many anti-histamines…

so yeah.. I’m in Candolim, Goa.. just catching up with videos I’ve taken and pics..  business project type stuff that needs sorting, have engaged the lovely Larah to help me put Desisisters website together…finally

Video blogs here – 

so meanwhile, entertain yourself with the first edition of #CowsOfCandolim

Couple of pucs of dolls with captions

pucs? really ? … sorry way too fried to hunt down pics..AND add’ll have to be content with the cows… 🙂

keep mum alive

Keep mum alive 

Decapitation by fan

Charlie fan

Swift resume…story so far…

Video blogs here
Couple of pucs of dolls with captions

4am in Mumbai…. awake..obviously..

4am in Mumbai…. I have yet to perfect the art of blogging in my sleep
..finally managed to get wifi .. been here 24 hours..have pics and video but stuck on phone..only one device allowed on wifi

pretty much over the novelty of long haul flights..that one was a killer largely due to the fact that we spent the entire night before flight packing and smoking weed…not two activities that should be done together…turns your suitcase into a lucky dip..and makes a long trip with changeovers a terrifying experience ..

drama at Attaturk , son had haircut…expensive haircut that was apparently a major tragedy from which he has since recovered..

checked into fab hotel for first two three nights that turned out to be only two – booked on same evening as packing and smoking.. #quellesurpise

rolled out for complimentary breakfast only to find it cost us 2500 rupess (approx £30GBP) ..

went onto rooftop terrace to look at pool…lovely.. planned to return but too busy with shouting match, and running around looking for food…also not too keen on swimming equipment supplied… full length (ankle to neck ish) swimsuit and cap.. its actually the cap I hate the thought of :)#

Began running around Mumbai for no particular reason, revisiting Santa Cruz, Bandra.. saying hello to people I met last time
been in at least 7 rikshaws, argued with at least 4 rikshaw drivers and three taxi drivers

got stung several times, taxi drivers not mosquitos , prices are low here so impact not too bad but still £14 (1000)rupees for a taxi that travelled under a km from airport to hotel… !!

had a spectacular shouting match with Charlie on SV Road this morning, mortifying spectators..not something you do in India… good to see we’re flying the flag for British culture…

row ? who was worst at crossing the road in case you’re wondering#
Charlie wishing he hadn’t bothered coming along and threatened to go home on next plane

Said ‘hello’ to Asif at Barista coffee bar, the security guard at Cruz Royale, my friends at the market ..the car mechanic on the corner :))

had pana puri at Elco, dinner at Mini Punjab, tried to go see kawal and argued with a guy for ten minutes about the gender of Kawaljit before realising I was outside the wrong building..wrong kawaljit

wandered round Santa Cruz 10pmish….

saw a guy ‘walking’ on his hands and knees.. brought me up short on the whole feeling sorry for myself..ditto little girl begging at Juhu Beach…reminder to fill my bag with snack I can give the kids.. food they will actually get maybe better than cash they will have to hand over ?

Had my first Mumbai Monsoon experience, caught in a downpour on Juhu Beach..neither Shah Rukh or Aamir appeared to make my monsoon experience complete #meraHaathiMein but I did manage to rush into Starbicks..where I still couldn’t get wi-fi due to nai Indian Sim hai !

made it back to hotel….eventually… almost midnight and still no accommodation booked .. that took ages too, in a rikshaw that sounded like it was on its last journery and driver unable to understand my accent…grateful for over the top signage at hotel..enabled us to locate ..

TTHEN spent FIVE HOURS being ridiculously indecisive about next stay…. during which time son stayed amazingly calm…

latest update : bonking noises from another room… son scoring them on performance..

5am yaaris… need to try the sleeping thing :))

tomorrow we relocate..from five star to one star … be good to be back in cheap land and amongst familiar faces….


Not amused .. post-haircut drama face

images (1)

The Orchid Hotel, Mumbai …Atrium .. with a fountain that runs from top to bottom of the hotel


and then my daughter did this

came back from night out bought expensive eye cream…didn’t remember until i got a pick-up email £30 … had better be good 🙂

practically scrubbing the skirting boards with a toothbrush to avoid the business plan…

backdrop of prep for imminent trip to EuroDisney..not me, Mia and Granddad but I’m in charge of getting various people onto planes, and to the airport…everybody’s super excited..for various reasons..Mia’s Daddy is coming to Mumbai with me…for a Month…everyone is popping :).like trying to get fleas into a box…speaking of which I still feel like I’m going through my own version of the biblical plagues…my personal year of infestations.. first the stomach parasites and now these super survivalist fleas (cat fleas) that refuse to budge, a present from my daughters cats when they/she moved out…have tried flea bombs, two different sprays and flea powder..keep flaking on the ‘vacuum whole house every day for 7 days bit’… I mean seriously ! vacuum EVERY day ???

and the council STILL haven’t picked up my bin…its sitting on the front lawn looking ridiculous and making the neighbours think i’m nuts..(no lid, getting a new case you’re wondering)

and 9 SLEEPS TO MUMBAI…no accommodation booked as yet sorting at weekend once Visa number two comes through..for my bigger mancub … on pins till it comes in 🙂 Now that I know my sons coming with me I really don’t want to find myself going on my own… we’re gonna have such a good laugh..
and my daughter shaved her head.. for charity… which was all kinds of weird…added video below…

If I’m honest its here so we don’t lose it in Facebook land, and because I think she’s amazing and funny and I’m very proud of her…not for shaving her head but for doing it without so much as a backward glance 🙂

this time two weeks ago….

news was flooding in … an attack at a concert in Manchester…chances are you’ve already seen it in the news… 22 people died, many of them children…kids at the concert, parents waiting for them outside…. a guy with a bomb in a suitcase stood by one of the exits, leading into the station.. exploded as fans streamed out at the end of the gig.. a foyer…a mezzanine floor between MEN Arena and the railway station.. a good place to find mum and dad and obvious exit for people who had to travel any distance home..

and in a closed space for maximum harm… I’ve got nothing to say about how evil this was, or the reasons behind it… violence..other than the spur of the moment  type, has always been beyond my understanding….

first i knew was Tuesday morning, when Facebook greeted me with  ‘Annie Thomas has marked herself as safe’…. quick glance at my news feed and a look at the BBC news later…. grateful for her safety.(Annie is my daughter)..she lives at the side of the Arena where the bombing happened…

and stunned

Nobody in Manchester rushed to work that morning…people barely moved… traffic was slow and calm, the mood everywhere sombre, nobody spoke… stunned…all of us, in every shop, street,workplace..just stunned

many people didn’t go to work,some too frightened, some in shock…and a few stayed at home with children/relatives that had been at the concert. More real for us at my workplace because we are the railway…and in the cit centre…that was our stationthat was blown up, that was shut..indefinitely…

people at work busy handling train changes, details of disruption

.and more details trickled in all day..  news of those that had died… week.. a friend woke up Tuesday to a text to all nursing staff to please report for duty and rapidly got herself into work.. where many of the injured from the previous night were being cared for… she told me of a little girl who would never walk again and a mother in a coma yet to be told that her daughter had died in the blast… people cried..everywhere.. friends sobbing on the phone…

We held a vigil, in our square, St Peters Square where Tony Walsh read his poem This IS The Place’, ‘Manchester...’ some drawn here,some born here, this is the place we call home’..

St Anne’s square was filled with flowers, and a minutes silence….which somehow led to an incredibly emotional rendition of Oasis Don’t Look Back In Anger’ , started by one woman and picked up by all.

. and then finally the #OneLove Concert … the gig that made the whole of Manchester fall in love with Ariana Grande.. and the point at which I started crying…

I’ve been weirdly untouched by it..not unfeeling just not overwhelmed.. head in Mumbai and family problem… it didn’t really hit me until I saw the concert last night…

When Ariana Grande announced that there would be a concert I assumed it would be months away… in less than two weeks she pulled it together.. She cancelled her world tour after the gig, shocked and stunned and horrified herself…she’s been in Manchester during last two weeks visiting victims, and mums/dads of those children that died….and she pulled together this incredible gig on Sunday…not incredible because of any fancy lights or because the line up was amazing, although it was… but because of the whole spirit in which it was done… eye peas/Katy Perry, Bieber, Miley Cyrus,ColdPlay…all of them…felt like they turned up for us, for Manchester…and for Ariana…. shes American, this isn’t her home, she could have walked away….but she didn’t….and then this…this rendition of ‘Somewhere over The Rainbow’ … so so beautifully done….

not much can ease the pain of losing a child, a sister, a mother…in fact pretty much nothing can…but showing you care, like this…. eases the loneliness of that pain

watch…. the the midst of all the agony this is what Ariana and Manchester did..

and here’s ‘This Is The Place’…

and that amazing moment when the crowd started to sing