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Just thought you’d want to know… I’m certainly happy

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Oh my God…have I really not published a post since …

Oh my God…have I really not published a post since December ! Today’s not looking too good either..

had to vault out of bed early ..well early..ish… and immediately do last minute clean on kitchen before lino fitters arrive..

Had to have kitchen floor replaced after I fell through kitchen floor (just one leg, but still)…..

This comes on the back of moving all the furniture in the front room to the middle room whilst it was painted, then back again, then the floor had to be replaced so everything out of the kitchen  went into the middle room..and back into the kitchen,then the boiler went..more kitchen jiggery.. and now…everything back out of the kitchen into middle room again..oh and I got a new fridge freezer so there is fridge and freezer also in middle room … and to top it all its sunshining and every last speck of winter accumulated crap is now brightly illuminated

I live in a three bed terrace..its a converted two up two down so not the most spacious…with me claiming smallest room for my ‘office’ which I hardly ever go into,front room belongs sort of to the mancub who is at University, and currently have middle son staying here sharing mancub’s bedroom ..its also rented, the house, not the mancub,    so all of the above a pain but not a financial problem

AND.. my job finished… last day was Feb 28th and its already been a week and I haven’t done much with my ‘one month’ to sort EVERYTHING out

For ‘everything’ read – house:painting,cleaning, car: replace bits that have fallen off and clean before it becomes a health hazard ,Dolls: for the love of God finish the ‘business plan’ so that everyone else has some idea what I’m ‘planning’, plus a multitude of get Desisisters online setup properly, put dolls on sale on website..oh, wait a Desisisters website, and my website..and so on

you might have noticed I’ve been playing around with the theme..and now can’t have my old theme back 😦

Various family stuff took up most of last six months… and my idea of a months solitude and organising EVERYTHING.. isn’t materialising quite as I had hoped…

Blog post interrupted by screaming match .. cooker still in dining room and someone , who shall be nameless, is being rather vocal because he wants to eat sausages..

I’d send you a pic of middle room in all its glory at this moment in time but my phone , finally back from repair, doesn’t take photos anymore..another one for my ‘to-do- list ..just paid handsomely for that repair. Might have been kinder if they’d just told me that smashing my phone down on a counter-top (stressful 3 way phone argument in full swing two days before Christmas..what else could I do ?) had pretty much killed the phone.. and rejected the repair, because its really not looking good.

The six weeks without phone was pretty much bliss though. Had far more headspace than I have right now 😉

On the job front , I’m not actively looking for another job right this minute, I have some money, not much, but enough to keep me afloat for the next three months, and I do really need to work out where we are going with the dolls… getting plaintive messages from Shifa in Mumbai asking when I’m coming back..might be an idea to actually go find the dolls and see who I’ve got left…

and then there’s the ‘Declaration Of Desi’fication’, which needs to be written, the one where I /we declare war on cynicism and sadness everywhere whilst simultaneously demanding respect and recognition for all things apne .. Bollywood,Bhangra, People…

*apne = urdu/hindi ‘ south asia..people .. sort of means ‘homie’ ?

so I made a start not by creating a plan, because, I don’t have time to plan and I can’t make a ‘to-do’ list because there are so many things on it that by the time I am done writing the list there will be no time left to actually do anything 🙂

I can see already the fault in this and will be returning to David Allens Book/TED talk

so yeah, I made a start by fiddling around on Pinterest… because its obviously most important now to look at pretty things , and make sure everyone knows their Payal from their Panjha, Tikka from their Maathi Pathi and so on. You can see the results below should you wish..

Heading off to scrub things…. and start the Ted Allen thing..get everything down first…

Talk soon


Jen xx

Link to the board because I couldn’t figure out the embed code..











Cervical Smears and Sizzle Reels

started today with a cervical smear ..complete with clumsy nurse who couldn’t find my cervix… f*ck me was tempted to do it myself..,I swear it took ages…
then…through various stressful conversations established that I;d paid my council tax by accident , with cash that belonged to middle son… in the process of sorting tempers spilt over a bit…smashed my phone down in frustration and shattered the screen …completely..which for now seems like a good thing……
had to ‘adult’ for a couple of hours in work which is soooooo difficult when you have a million presents to buy and feel like a greyhound at the starting line…a tired greyhound…
long story but ended up xmas shopping with my ex-husband…. my grand-daughter now has a perfect outfit for christmas day … my idea of chilling in waterstones looking for good Christmas reads became an hour in Primark 🙂
feeling severely bedraggled…have inadvertently gained a stone over last couple of months… my stomach is backing up on me..although I think I may have lost  a stone running up and down stairs wednesday, setting up ect.. did a doll stall at work..
did i mention we got 20 new dolls from india on Tuesday…for stall wednesday…was a bit tense… stall went well though..ten lovely dollies going to loving homes..
anyway…to get back to today and the imminent appearance of Christmas ..followed by just 8 weeks in current contract, am planning to spend Christmas prepping for the mother of all kickstarters in March 2018..
 starting tomorrow at the gym/swim, finishing some Christmas bits.. hopefully xmas eve will be all mine, and boxing day…
Have my grand-daughter between xmas and new year so in with a chance of getting the bears dressed 🙂 she’s 100% desisisters..
Revisiting Jonathan Fields Revolution framework..and Danielle.. long story but back in 2012 , after 5 years of ‘working’ on Desisisters and beginning to wonder if it was some form of mental illness I saw this video and at 1:45 I ‘got’ what was going on…
 that this is what desisisters was all about…


Helloooooooooooooooooooooooooo #dolls

OK… so family situation calm, mancubs 21st all booked and sorted sort of.. (there is a plan and I’ve remembered to invite people…).

I’ve almost sorted broken website (not mine, long story ) and there are dolls in Mumbai and two young ladies waiting to get started..

Beyond that I’m not really sure what I’m doing… what I do know is that I need to sell the last of the dolls so we can get moving on making more, develop things in Mumbai a little more..

yes, I know they should be in Etsy… but we’re not quite there yet… still refining our skills..and organisation…and rules…and the whole ‘how is this going to work’ thing…

BUT we do have Shifa and Hina eager to make more in Mumbai..Anita (Anita Waghela, Nail Lounge Franchise Manager)


WE NEED MORE DOLLS BY THE WAY… if you;re reading this and you’re in UK, North West…and you can donate dolls..  pls comment and will email you xx


these are the dolls I have left from last run to Mumbai… the Gopi doll is £20 the rest are £10…they come with a birth certificate… and a few Bindis 🙂






Back in July…Mumbai ..Dolls…the project

I ‘wrote’ this using speech to text… apologies for any bizarre sentences..too.tired to.check xxx
When I went out to Mumbai it was to do all the groundwork I hadn’t done in November and see what needed to be done to get the project moving again…it wasn’t looking good.. took 50 DLS with me on the off chance but had only managed to contact one of the girls ….then on my last weekend shifaa got in touch… And all the sudden we had jumped into an apprentice style mission

Me and Anita nail lounge had two girls Hina and Shifa. We decided to split into two teams Apprentice style and gave each girl 20 dolls to rejuvenate. That is to restyle do the hair give them a completely new outfit and possibly make up. Anita’s team was Hina and my team was Shifa…both girls got lots of Help from their mums and aunties.

They were each given 2500 Rupees to spend on materials they might need

And 7 Days to complete the task.

On the Friday Hina produce 220 well tailored beautifully made dolls mostly we did have to reject one for having no eyes (failed makeup experiment) … 

Shifaa turned up with 20 dolls… Dramatic and glamorous but not quite so beautifully tailored as Hina… Later examination revealed that quite a few of Shifas dolls weren’t really fit for sale. She seems to have sacrificed quantity for quality..and some have been headswapped… Don’t ask… apparently her little brother thought he’d do some rearranging..

Hina and Shifa we’re both paid for the dolls . 

The winner of the task would be the team that made the most from their dolls…

Everything made from dolls is being ploughed back into the next round..

No-one gets fired…. 


July 29th I flew back from Mumbai with a suitcase full of dolls…

Since then it’s been a busy time,jet lag, catching up with family… and the realisation that we now need packaging and birth certificates. Have gone for cellophane and Bows …or boxes and birth certificates are now made

Any day now I’ll be putting them on sale.. For around £20 .. have sold 6 already to Facebook friends… 3 of Hinas 3 of Shifaa’s so its neck and neck so far 

Shifaa Doll — Noor

Hina Dolls .. 


I’ve been watching tv for pretty much 48hrs straight now…Mostly ‘Say Yes To The Dress’, large dose of ‘Honey Boo’…. still reeling from Sugar Bear and mama June getting ‘romantic’ …watched Midnights Children, twice…and now resorung to TCm channels, watching B movies

I’ve got flu… i feel like shit 🙂 .. Had a great time at Creamfields Saturday, but paying the price for strolling around all night in vest top and dungarees …. loved it so much though..being out side at night in the open air with pretty lights and music and fireworks and coffee 🙂 ..and vodka and redbull… took me three days just to get over the caffeine overdose..



And the girls are afloat in Mumbai… This below is Shifaa’s road… she lives yards from here. and yes she was flooded …floodsvakola2017


Have had contact from Shifaa, Hina,Angela..all the girls are ok, true Mumbaikers


there is some hug family drama going on that I’m not at liberty to discuss but which is making me wish I didn’t have really) BUT.. there’s a lot to be said for peace and quiet

I’ve got 40 dolls, 100 cushions …waiting for sales page, website,

speaking of which still doing battle , sort of, with madam web developer…

BBB response, cultural appropriation has reared its ugly head..

Every time I read it I get so angry I can’t speak…

‘During that second 2-hour call, she was requesting that I use photos and verbiage that would not make any sense at all to someone who was unfamiliar with this culture.’ ??

followed by ‘

in my opinion, put us back into the gray area of appropriating this culture. I’m morally opposed to anything that feels like cultural appropriation. ‘


From a woman who knows nothing at all about desi culture, and doesn’t know her Bhangra  from her Bollywood…

Anyway… we have floating Desisisters in Mumbai, and I have their dolls that I need to sell so they can get moving with their little micro-businesses..

will keep u posted



UFFT!!! Web developers and their egos


Should have been launching Desisisters website today…. or at least by weekend.

Everything was looking good, or so I thought.. I paid $335 last month, part of a 12 month payment plan ..overall structure of site looking good but didn’t like content. Had been agreed all along that this was obviously my area of expertise.. Got second draft of homepage…overall good but didn’t like text or pics but was assured they were only placeholders..sent off final list of revisions late Aug ?

August 10th get a lovely email advising me that she’s bailed and she’s keeping the money she’s been paid.. nice… apparently this is her ‘professional’ opinion.. suppose nobody told her about ‘professional etiquette’…i,e, discussion with client , discuss, resolve..nope…just this arrigant high-handed snotty email

asked if I could maybe have files for website, load on Hostgator and finish myself.. apparently that’s a no-no too..

what becomes abundantly obvious is that this is about her ego, not my website.. I know how the DesiSisters website needs to feel and look …She knows nothing, absolutely nothing about what the term ‘desi’ means and even less about Bollywood,Bhangra etc. Arrogant, rude, unprofessional… absolutely furious 🙂

. its the ‘Oh jenny’ that gets me…  #patronising #arrogance


Excuse me while I barf ..

I have filed a complaint with BBB and FTC.. which is about as much as I can do right now.. I did try talking to her but it just got worse..excuse the terrible highlighting..have removed her details … her attitude is absolutely unbelievable….stunningly rude and arrogant



here’s an example of where we crossed swords..

My version : #desi’fication  – transformation of Mind, Body and Spirit through the correct application of Bollywood,Bhangra and Bling’

her version: Desification – The Act of Learning to claim the strength of Positivity through the liberal application of Bollywood Bhangra and Bling,A cross-cultural invitation to free yourself from western stress in the desi tradition of finding happiness in uninhibited silliness’  <<< ??> SILLINESS ???????????????????

Apart from being terrible grammatcially, and dull as fuck, its also highly offensive.. desi=uninhibted silliness..  ??

BUT in her professional opinion this is a better piece of text.. excuse me whilst I rage

This isn’t about design, its arrogance. In her opinion my words, my vision won’t work…

note the bit about ‘you just want someone to push pixels around’ .. and what is so wrong with that ?

What I really love is the sudden announcement that she has a riight to keep my cash for her work…

I could rage about this forever but…I need to pull myself back from this and get on with Doll videos and sales. two young ladies in Mumbai who are desperately waiting for next phase… sales from dolls = funding for next phase. Minus the cash we just lost on our website, although I’ll cover that personally for now …

Also, building my own goddamn website… needs to be done somehow ..

Love an peace

oh….biting my tongue HARD :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

ok..finally..still in India


Its 3am…I’m in a gorgeous hotel…1939s Art Deco Marine Drive…trying hard not to think what its cost me and trying desperately to remember how much I’ve spent on room service since I got here two days ago…

Turns out not planning your itinerary before departure isn’t a ticket to freedom…I’ve spent more time on this holiday scanning budget hotel sites than I have planning the project, sorting the website,sightseeing and hardly a sniff of sunbathing…although the latter I’ve decided is best left for Europe where removing your clothing doesn’t cause shockwaves across the entire coastline..

I’ve stayed in 4 hotels and one apartment, been on three flights,one epic train journey,and move again tomorrow.. Last leg, final 9 days at Hotel Stay Land ,.. Sweet little hotel in not so sweet surroundings .. But convenient.. And most importantly close to Barista SV Road…where I can smoke,drink coffee as I think…something I need to do a lot of
I planned this originally as a get away … 7 weeks in isolation to think about own dangerous obsession/cunning plan to change the world …then I invited my sonson…middle son…for a variety of reasons…and one of my friends…

Spent last 4 weeks pulled in different directions…torn between holiday mode, trying to ‘work’ and panicking…a lot..

Just to make things easier I decided to get desisisters website built whilst I was here…

Add to the above a backdrop of chargers that don’t charge, intermittent WiFi, power cuts and now a mobile phone that refuses to switch on…and as its a lenovo…finding it hard to get it fixed herd 🙂

Then again … I am sat in an absolutely lovely hotel on marine drive…possibly the most under marketed hotel ever…not a hint of its true character on Got here to find a 1930’s art deco masterpiece lovingly preserved and maintained…huge room…huge bed… Corridors full of art… Its really an experience…with staff to match…what the Directors PA referred to as The Real India’ …and she’s right

Have found that the fastest way to gain weight is to combine fast food, cappuccinos, but brittle. Samoisas and chain…put on so much weight I look like a ships prow

And its monsoon season…where you get wet the skin if you don’t move fast enough when the rain starts…and puddkes everywhere….feet constantly wet

And I fell down a hole…I’ll explain more about that later…battery on tablet flaking by the second..

Big plans for my last 9 days…ready to slap the next person who tells me relax and enjoy my Holiday 🙂

Not quite so bleak as it sounds.. iIT Mumbai are interested in developing/collaboration in MissionMumbai…

Off to bedski..almost 4am ..and Mr frantic check out clerk will be on my case first thing… He’s already tried to check me out days early

Oh..forgot to mention have become estranged from my clean clothes..went to Goa with light packing..beachwear..left half a suitcase here in Mumbai..currently in someone’s boot…thanks to phone crashing have been unable to sort…forced to wander around The Ambassador..5 star grubby salwar and floaty tops..

Talk soon xxxx going before battery goes and I lose the post

Coming soon : mandovi express, cows of candolim..Ambassador gorgeousness,MarinevDrive..and a new website
Love an peace
Jen xx