Just a few barbies escaped from the pilowcase currently swimming around my washer….given up chasing votes for VOOM…VirginMedia business competition….

Haven’t decided yet if I want to continue with crowdfunder…..

Just tired of stressing about it…and harder than I thought to get votes..

Hate pounding social media for votes…can feel the cringe…and goes against everything I know and taught about how to use social media

So I’m just.going ahead with collecting dolls..telling the idea how I’m going to get these dolls to Mumbai or put another workshop on….but going forward anyway…

In other news it’s saturday and for the first weekend this month I’m not in a major European city…shattered from the last fortnight…

A friend of mine died a few days before I went to Rome ..I found him..poor lad…32 heart attack…he was ill was unexpected but not shocking…long story …

I miss him …

Reminder to relax and enjoy…be grateful

Talk soon


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6 thoughts on “Morning….

  1. I’m so sorry about your friend!! How sad…

    1. Its really bad…he was really ill and living in terrible conditions and social services were absolutely fucking useless…I was helping him get sorted.out..his new flat came through the day he died…having said that he.had diabetes..ckd stage 5 angiodema and more recently a heart condition…he knew any chnace of a transplant was unlikely and was sick of.going to dialysis..shame..he was a top lad…very funny and very brave

      1. Oh that’s just too sad!!!

      2. It is…..the whole story just gets worse. I’ll spare you the details xxxx

      3. More reasons to be grateful I suppose….its easy to forget just how cruel life can be

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