Its Friday.finally.

Another week comes to an end…

Not much different to the others…carcrashed my way through another interview…this time for the wrong job.. :))))

Gave it a shot anyway…

Temp.shot up to 70 day before interview ..totally destroyed my clothing plans..hurt my.back drive there wincing in pain..parked miles.away from interview place…just made it in time..

First part was a test .. now..I’d applied..or so I thought…for a job as a business intelligence developer but found myself looking at a series.of questions about C# .. some language I didn’t recognise ..a.question about MVC .. the.three part theory of web design apparently although didn’t know that at the time..and some Oracle SQL questions..

Next stage was face to face interview..three interviewers..

Gave me job description..interview began.. going.through usual questions..glanced at job desc noticing more and more that it didn’t match what I thought I’d applied.for…eventually owned.up…much hilarity..

It was a developer role anyway.. and I really liked the people that were interviewing we.went ahead..

And I talked about the dolls possibly a mistake ..mentioning the fact that I would need to go to India soon

in any case I didn’t get the job …

Which makes my financial position even more precarious .. a fact that I’m ignoring. For the next few days whilst I work on an entry for a business competition..

Whoa…just realised it’s 2:15 in the morning seriously need to go to bed..

Catch up tomorrow I’ve got some video logs to share ::):

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  1. I always love your posts❤️❤️❤️

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