I’ve been watching tv for pretty much 48hrs straight now…Mostly ‘Say Yes To The Dress’, large dose of ‘Honey Boo’…. still reeling from Sugar Bear and mama June getting ‘romantic’ …watched Midnights Children, twice…and now resorung to TCm channels, watching B movies

I’ve got flu… i feel like shit 🙂 .. Had a great time at Creamfields Saturday, but paying the price for strolling around all night in vest top and dungarees …. loved it so much though..being out side at night in the open air with pretty lights and music and fireworks and coffee 🙂 ..and vodka and redbull… took me three days just to get over the caffeine overdose..



And the girls are afloat in Mumbai… This below is Shifaa’s road… she lives yards from here. and yes she was flooded …floodsvakola2017


Have had contact from Shifaa, Hina,Angela..all the girls are ok, true Mumbaikers


there is some hug family drama going on that I’m not at liberty to discuss but which is making me wish I didn’t have any..family.(not really) BUT.. there’s a lot to be said for peace and quiet

I’ve got 40 dolls, 100 cushions …waiting for sales page, website,

speaking of which still doing battle , sort of, with madam web developer…

BBB response, cultural appropriation has reared its ugly head..

Every time I read it I get so angry I can’t speak…

‘During that second 2-hour call, she was requesting that I use photos and verbiage that would not make any sense at all to someone who was unfamiliar with this culture.’ ??

followed by ‘

in my opinion, put us back into the gray area of appropriating this culture. I’m morally opposed to anything that feels like cultural appropriation. ‘


From a woman who knows nothing at all about desi culture, and doesn’t know her Bhangra  from her Bollywood…

Anyway… we have floating Desisisters in Mumbai, and I have their dolls that I need to sell so they can get moving with their little micro-businesses..

will keep u posted