UFFT!!! Web developers and their egos


Should have been launching Desisisters website today…. or at least by weekend.

Everything was looking good, or so I thought.. I paid $335 last month, part of a 12 month payment plan ..overall structure of site looking good but didn’t like content. Had been agreed all along that this was obviously my area of expertise.. Got second draft of homepage…overall good but didn’t like text or pics but was assured they were only placeholders..sent off final list of revisions late Aug 9th..wed ?

August 10th get a lovely email advising me that she’s bailed and she’s keeping the money she’s been paid.. nice… apparently this is her ‘professional’ opinion.. suppose nobody told her about ‘professional etiquette’…i,e, discussion with client , discuss, resolve..nope…just this arrigant high-handed snotty email

asked if I could maybe have files for website, load on Hostgator and finish myself.. apparently that’s a no-no too..

what becomes abundantly obvious is that this is about her ego, not my website.. I know how the DesiSisters website needs to feel and look …She knows nothing, absolutely nothing about what the term ‘desi’ means and even less about Bollywood,Bhangra etc. Arrogant, rude, unprofessional… absolutely furious 🙂

. its the ‘Oh jenny’ that gets me…  #patronising #arrogance


Excuse me while I barf ..

I have filed a complaint with BBB and FTC.. which is about as much as I can do right now.. I did try talking to her but it just got worse..excuse the terrible highlighting..have removed her details … her attitude is absolutely unbelievable….stunningly rude and arrogant



here’s an example of where we crossed swords..

My version : #desi’fication  – transformation of Mind, Body and Spirit through the correct application of Bollywood,Bhangra and Bling’

her version: Desification – The Act of Learning to claim the strength of Positivity through the liberal application of Bollywood Bhangra and Bling,A cross-cultural invitation to free yourself from western stress in the desi tradition of finding happiness in uninhibited silliness’  <<< ??> SILLINESS ???????????????????

Apart from being terrible grammatcially, and dull as fuck, its also highly offensive.. desi=uninhibted silliness..  ??

BUT in her professional opinion this is a better piece of text.. excuse me whilst I rage

This isn’t about design, its arrogance. In her opinion my words, my vision won’t work…

note the bit about ‘you just want someone to push pixels around’ .. and what is so wrong with that ?

What I really love is the sudden announcement that she has a riight to keep my cash for her work…

I could rage about this forever but…I need to pull myself back from this and get on with Doll videos and sales. two young ladies in Mumbai who are desperately waiting for next phase… sales from dolls = funding for next phase. Minus the cash we just lost on our website, although I’ll cover that personally for now …

Also, building my own goddamn website… needs to be done somehow ..

Love an peace

oh….biting my tongue HARD :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

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    1. Love you sooooo much for this…. The whole tone of the email and the “I’m keeping your money’. Outrageous 😉 thanks for the support

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