ok..finally..still in India


Its 3am…I’m in a gorgeous hotel…1939s Art Deco Marine Drive…trying hard not to think what its cost me and trying desperately to remember how much I’ve spent on room service since I got here two days ago…

Turns out not planning your itinerary before departure isn’t a ticket to freedom…I’ve spent more time on this holiday scanning budget hotel sites than I have planning the project, sorting the website,sightseeing and hardly a sniff of sunbathing…although the latter I’ve decided is best left for Europe where removing your clothing doesn’t cause shockwaves across the entire coastline..

I’ve stayed in 4 hotels and one apartment, been on three flights,one epic train journey,and move again tomorrow.. Last leg, final 9 days at Hotel Stay Land ,.. Sweet little hotel in not so sweet surroundings .. But convenient.. And most importantly close to Barista SV Road…where I can smoke,drink coffee as I think…something I need to do a lot of
I planned this originally as a get away … 7 weeks in isolation to think about Desisisterjen..my own dangerous obsession/cunning plan to change the world …then I invited my sonson…middle son…for a variety of reasons…and one of my friends…

Spent last 4 weeks pulled in different directions…torn between holiday mode, trying to ‘work’ and panicking…a lot..

Just to make things easier I decided to get desisisters website built whilst I was here…

Add to the above a backdrop of chargers that don’t charge, intermittent WiFi, power cuts and now a mobile phone that refuses to switch on…and as its a lenovo…finding it hard to get it fixed herd 🙂

Then again … I am sat in an absolutely lovely hotel on marine drive…possibly the most under marketed hotel ever…not a hint of its true character on booking.com.. Got here to find a 1930’s art deco masterpiece lovingly preserved and maintained…huge room…huge bed… Corridors full of art… Its really an experience…with staff to match…what the Directors PA referred to as The Real India’ …and she’s right

Have found that the fastest way to gain weight is to combine fast food, cappuccinos, but brittle. Samoisas and chain…put on so much weight I look like a ships prow

And its monsoon season…where you get wet ..to the skin if you don’t move fast enough when the rain starts…and puddkes everywhere….feet constantly wet

And I fell down a hole…I’ll explain more about that later…battery on tablet flaking by the second..

Big plans for my last 9 days…ready to slap the next person who tells me relax and enjoy my Holiday 🙂

Not quite so bleak as it sounds.. iIT Mumbai are interested in developing/collaboration in MissionMumbai…

Off to bedski..almost 4am ..and Mr frantic check out clerk will be on my case first thing… He’s already tried to check me out days early

Oh..forgot to mention have become estranged from my clean clothes..went to Goa with light packing..beachwear..left half a suitcase here in Mumbai..currently in someone’s boot…thanks to phone crashing have been unable to sort…forced to wander around The Ambassador..5 star hotel..in grubby salwar and floaty tops..

Talk soon xxxx going before battery goes and I lose the post

Coming soon : mandovi express, cows of candolim..Ambassador gorgeousness,MarinevDrive..and a new website
Love an peace
Jen xx


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    1. 🙂 is there any other way? Word is that our time is limited..so go for it? There are times though when I think I’m nuts…but …:)

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