6am from a balcony somewhere in Candolim..goa

After a somewhat discordant dawn chorus…dogs howling at 4.30am…followed by cocks crowing and cows mooing…all of which stopped the minute I came out on the balcony with my coffee

Sat here looking at coconut trees and wondering just what I’m doing here..in India that is…

I had a plan..I know I did..but hot..and hot and hotter…and rain…and what seemed plausible in UK now seems laughable..

Have ordered a new website for Desisisters..mapped out a launch plan and a social media strategy but all I can think about is where my next paratha is coming from…and how much this is all costing 

I swear to god I will never launch myself halfway across the world without planning and budgeting ever again.. way way over what I thought it would.cost

Had a bit of a disastrous trip to mapusa yesterday… Moral of the story..never jump on a bus in ridiculously hot weather without some prep..or idea of where you’re going and why…bus journey was lovely..cool…great trip down lanes…all went downhill after we got off the bus…didn’t get further than three Laps round the market before I abandoned ship and went home..

Back to Mumbai at weekend for a few days and then back to Goa…check in with the girls see how they’re getting on with the dolls..

Just for you…video of palm trees from my balcony this morning