erm.yeah..about that last post ‘Keep Mum Alive’

Popped onto wordpress tonight to write a post and spotted my last published post…a set of notes hastily banged out just before we left for Goa.. I think…days ago anyway… no idea how that got published : )

So here you are, last post explained..

Keep mum alive 

One job, just one job, KEEP MUM ALIVE !

“Josh gave me one job, just one job to do on this holiday and that was ‘KEEP MUM ALIVE’ !!! ”

Sorry, had me crying with laughter…..

Josh is my youngest son, who treats me like his child…aged 20 at present..(pictured above) and Charlie is my older son,31 (?ish?) middle child.pictured below..and who, for for various reasons is out here in India with me…


Cause :  Both ,my sons being more than aware of my erratic behaviour patterns and willingness to get into cars with complete strangers (Amsterdam, thought it was  a taxi, no glasses on , didnt see bulletholes or missing windows…had to be rescued by my now ex-husband… but not before a journey to the outskirts of the city , return at knifepoint..)

walk into roads oblivious to oncoming traffic … wander off with complete strangers…never come to any harm but still…

Josh apparently gave Charlie this instruction the night before we left.. which he shared with me as he yanked me out of the path of an oncoming big white car with very big headlights which were awfully close by the time I noticed.. sorry, I still think its really funny, being lectured on road safety by my son…  sons even…

oh…and my total lack of respect for my own health , came back with a stomach parasite last time, due to the devouring of everything anyone put in front of me, street food, and brushing my teeth with tap water..

Decapitation by fan

Charlie failed to notice this particular hazard but I did moments before I almost got scalped. For the first week in India, we stayed in a little hotel in Santa Cruz Mumbai… my room had a fan immediately above the bed.

getting ready for a meeting the other day I jumped on the bed to check my reflection in the mirror the mirror and jumped off twice as fast just in time to prevent myself beng scalped by said fan :)))

Went to tell Charlie and he;d just barrowly escaped losimg a hand as he put his hands up to remove his t-shirt, which became entangled in fan in his room…obviousy

sorry, I don’t know if it was a ‘you had to be there’ moment, but I’m crying with laughing again just thinking about it…

Swift resume…story so far…

Well, at time of leaving those notes had just finished a week in Mumbai, now ten days later in Goa…there’s been a train journey, massive jet lag, a lot of rain, stunning heat, a lot of time cooped up in the apartment .. too hot, too tired… did i mention a LOT of rain..and a momentous train ride that nearly killed me…and a few to many anti-histamines…

so yeah.. I’m in Candolim, Goa.. just catching up with videos I’ve taken and pics..  business project type stuff that needs sorting, have engaged the lovely Larah to help me put Desisisters website together…finally

Video blogs here – 

so meanwhile, entertain yourself with the first edition of #CowsOfCandolim

Couple of pucs of dolls with captions

pucs? really ? … sorry way too fried to hunt down pics..AND add’ll have to be content with the cows… 🙂