4am in Mumbai…. awake..obviously..

4am in Mumbai…. awake..obviously..as I have yet to perfect the art of blogging in my sleep
..finally managed to get wifi .. been here 24 hours..have pics and video but stuck on phone..only one device allowed on wifi

pretty much over the novelty of long haul flights..that one was a killer largely due to the fact that we spent the entire night before flight packing and smoking weed…not two activities that should be done together…turns your suitcase into a lucky dip..and makes a long trip with changeovers a terrifying experience ..

drama at Attaturk , son had haircut…expensive haircut that was apparently a major tragedy from which he has since recovered..

checked into fab hotel for first two three nights that turned out to be only two – booked on same evening as packing and smoking.. #quellesurpise

rolled out for complimentary breakfast only to find it cost us 2500 rupess (approx £30GBP) ..

went onto rooftop terrace to look at pool…lovely.. planned to return but too busy with shouting match, and running around looking for food…also not too keen on swimming equipment supplied… full length (ankle to neck ish) swimsuit and cap.. its actually the cap I hate the thought of :)#

Began running around Mumbai for no particular reason, revisiting Santa Cruz, Bandra.. saying hello to people I met last time
been in at least 7 rikshaws, argued with at least 4 rikshaw drivers and three taxi drivers

got stung several times, taxi drivers not mosquitos , prices are low here so impact not too bad but still £14 (1000)rupees for a taxi that travelled under a km from airport to hotel… !!

had a spectacular shouting match with Charlie on SV Road this morning, mortifying spectators..not something you do in India… good to see we’re flying the flag for British culture…

row ? who was worst at crossing the road in case you’re wondering#
Charlie wishing he hadn’t bothered coming along and threatened to go home on next plane

Said ‘hello’ to Asif at Barista coffee bar, the security guard at Cruz Royale, my friends at the market ..the car mechanic on the corner :))

had pana puri at Elco, dinner at Mini Punjab, tried to go see kawal and argued with a guy for ten minutes about the gender of Kawaljit before realising I was outside the wrong building..wrong kawaljit

wandered round Santa Cruz markets..at 10pmish….

saw a guy ‘walking’ on his hands and knees.. brought me up short on the whole feeling sorry for myself..ditto little girl begging at Juhu Beach…reminder to fill my bag with snack I can give the kids.. food they will actually get maybe better than cash they will have to hand over ?

Had my first Mumbai Monsoon experience, caught in a downpour on Juhu Beach..neither Shah Rukh or Aamir appeared to make my monsoon experience complete #meraHaathiMein but I did manage to rush into Starbicks..where I still couldn’t get wi-fi due to nai Indian Sim hai !

made it back to hotel….eventually… almost midnight and still no accommodation booked .. that took ages too, in a rikshaw that sounded like it was on its last journery and driver unable to understand my accent…grateful for over the top signage at hotel..enabled us to locate ..

TTHEN spent FIVE HOURS being ridiculously indecisive about next stay…. during which time son stayed amazingly calm…

latest update : bonking noises from another room… son scoring them on performance..

5am yaaris… need to try the sleeping thing :))

tomorrow we relocate..from five star to one star … be good to be back in cheap land and amongst familiar faces….

Not amused .. post-haircut drama face
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The Orchid Hotel, Mumbai …Atrium .. with a fountain that runs from top to bottom of the hotel