and then my daughter did this

came back from night out bought expensive eye cream…didn’t remember until i got a pick-up email Β£30 … had better be good πŸ™‚

practically scrubbing the skirting boards with a toothbrush to avoid the business plan…

backdrop of prep for imminent trip to EuroDisney..not me, Mia and Granddad but I’m in charge of getting various people onto planes, and to the airport…everybody’s super excited..for various reasons..Mia’s Daddy is coming to Mumbai with me…for a Month…everyone is popping :).like trying to get fleas into a box…speaking of which I still feel like I’m going through my own version of the biblical plagues…my personal year of infestations.. first the stomach parasites and now these super survivalist fleas (cat fleas) that refuse to budge, a present from my daughters cats when they/she moved out…have tried flea bombs, two different sprays and flea powder..keep flaking on the ‘vacuum whole house every day for 7 days bit’… I mean seriously ! vacuum EVERY day ???

and the council STILL haven’t picked up my bin…its sitting on the front lawn looking ridiculous and making the neighbours think i’m nuts..(no lid, getting a new case you’re wondering)

and 9 SLEEPS TO MUMBAI…no accommodation booked as yet sorting at weekend once Visa number two comes through..for my bigger mancub … on pins till it comes in πŸ™‚ Now that I know my sons coming with me I really don’t want to find myself going on my own… we’re gonna have such a good laugh..
and my daughter shaved her head.. for charity… which was all kinds of weird…added video below…

If I’m honest its here so we don’t lose it in Facebook land, and because I think she’s amazing and funny and I’m very proud of her…not for shaving her head but for doing it without so much as a backward glance πŸ™‚


3 thoughts on “and then my daughter did this

    1. That’s about right πŸ˜€ posting videos later…..πŸ˜€ of my legs whilst I argue with a rickshaw driverπŸ˜€ .. How’s the ethical hacking going and what exactly is it?

      1. Ethical Hacking is learning how to be a hacker so you can BEAT THE HACKERS!! It is going ok, I think I’m going to take the test this week. I think I’ve learned all I’m gonna learn. Not sure if it’s good enough to pass the test.

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