this time two weeks ago….

news was flooding in … an attack at a concert in Manchester…chances are you’ve already seen it in the news… 22 people died, many of them children…kids at the concert, parents waiting for them outside…. a guy with a bomb in a suitcase stood by one of the exits, leading into the station.. exploded as fans streamed out at the end of the gig.. a foyer…a mezzanine floor between MEN Arena and the railway station.. a good place to find mum and dad and obvious exit for people who had to travel any distance home..

and in a closed space for maximum harm… I’ve got nothing to say about how evil this was, or the reasons behind it… violence..other than the spur of the moment  type, has always been beyond my understanding….

first i knew was Tuesday morning, when Facebook greeted me with  ‘Annie Thomas has marked herself as safe’…. quick glance at my news feed and a look at the BBC news later…. grateful for her safety.(Annie is my daughter)..she lives at the side of the Arena where the bombing happened…

and stunned

Nobody in Manchester rushed to work that morning…people barely moved… traffic was slow and calm, the mood everywhere sombre, nobody spoke… stunned…all of us, in every shop, street,workplace..just stunned

many people didn’t go to work,some too frightened, some in shock…and a few stayed at home with children/relatives that had been at the concert. More real for us at my workplace because we are the railway…and in the cit centre…that was our stationthat was blown up, that was shut..indefinitely…

people at work busy handling train changes, details of disruption

.and more details trickled in all day..  news of those that had died… week.. a friend woke up Tuesday to a text to all nursing staff to please report for duty and rapidly got herself into work.. where many of the injured from the previous night were being cared for… she told me of a little girl who would never walk again and a mother in a coma yet to be told that her daughter had died in the blast… people cried..everywhere.. friends sobbing on the phone…

We held a vigil, in our square, St Peters Square where Tony Walsh read his poem This IS The Place’, ‘Manchester...’ some drawn here,some born here, this is the place we call home’..

St Anne’s square was filled with flowers, and a minutes silence….which somehow led to an incredibly emotional rendition of Oasis Don’t Look Back In Anger’ , started by one woman and picked up by all.

. and then finally the #OneLove Concert … the gig that made the whole of Manchester fall in love with Ariana Grande.. and the point at which I started crying…

I’ve been weirdly untouched by it..not unfeeling just not overwhelmed.. head in Mumbai and family problem… it didn’t really hit me until I saw the concert last night…

When Ariana Grande announced that there would be a concert I assumed it would be months away… in less than two weeks she pulled it together.. She cancelled her world tour after the gig, shocked and stunned and horrified herself…she’s been in Manchester during last two weeks visiting victims, and mums/dads of those children that died….and she pulled together this incredible gig on Sunday…not incredible because of any fancy lights or because the line up was amazing, although it was… but because of the whole spirit in which it was done… eye peas/Katy Perry, Bieber, Miley Cyrus,ColdPlay…all of them…felt like they turned up for us, for Manchester…and for Ariana…. shes American, this isn’t her home, she could have walked away….but she didn’t….and then this…this rendition of ‘Somewhere over The Rainbow’ … so so beautifully done….

not much can ease the pain of losing a child, a sister, a mother…in fact pretty much nothing can…but showing you care, like this…. eases the loneliness of that pain

watch…. the the midst of all the agony this is what Ariana and Manchester did..

and here’s ‘This Is The Place’…

and that amazing moment when the crowd started to sing







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    1. I.wasn’t sure if I should have published the post but now I’m glad I did…been a really strange two weeks in mcr …sad but such a beautiful response from people here xx

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