faltering at the finish line…..

2days left in work …..2 weeks at home that includes picking up mancub from Uni in Nottingham…Getting granddaughter across the Pennines…And off to Paris.(granddaughter and Grandad..not me…EuroDisney treat for princess Mia)…and back again…then off to Mumbai….not even sure why

Last wage for the foreseeable future…. Not entitled to benefits but then shouldn’t be expecting the State to fund my entrepreneurial adventure even if it does have a social impact …I can’t lie and pretend that I’m doing this out of some desire to help mankind although I do get a buzz out of creating something that could really benefit the women involved…for me its a win-win… The chance to do something really exciting ,work with some interesting people,wake up every morning raring to go….and I’m spending three weeks out there with my son…the bigger mancub/young lion 🙂

But,but,but I’m funding it from my pension lump sum ? And I’ve got bills to pay at home….the mancub needs a home when he comes back from uni…and besides I’m not moving to Mumbai…have to be back here late August to go Creamfields..another story

And to start selling whatever we’ve managed to make/buy in Mumbai/look for another job….

Scary stuff though…..Last time I did this I ended up broke…very broke ..(and.on verge of being homeless….part of me just wants to look for another job now….right now 🙂 but ….

I’ve worked on this for so long……

See my problem is I’m a ‘ captain and commander’ kind of person…Russell Crowe film in case you’re wondering…one where he decides to accept defeat and run for it…and at the last minute turns back to fight again….storming to victory…

That’s my problem….I’ve never been able to accept defeat … In fact I thrive on the battle…

See I don’t want a business…I don’t want to ‘help people’ ..not at the expense of my own enjoyment anyway…I just want a wildly interesting abundant comfortable enjoyable life…what’s left of it…

In three weeks time I’ll be in Mumbai with one of my sons… Going over Worli Sea Link to explore the markets of Colaba Looking for stock… My granddaughter has had a desisisters business idea for a while, her Daddy’s going to see if he can make it work…

And were going back to Santa Cruz…and Mahim…can’t wait to see the girls again…the #MissionMumbai crew… And we’ll be rocking up to meetings with exporters,makers,business support groups,bloggers,anybody who will talk to us… We’ll be heading to dharavni to meet with business there that we might be able to support…

Not forgetting the 5 days were gonna spend in Goa just taking it easy….and the train journey there…6 hours of the most beautiful scenery in the world….

And another workshop, brainstorming sessions with the ‘girls’ …figuring out clothes patterns for dolls lengha ..trying henna patterns on dolls, putting the website and Patron together…the list goes on..


I could keep my money in the bank ,look for another job now, ……and then what? Maybe get a mortgage…bit late but need some security for a fast approaching old age…and then what….spendmy days wondering if I could have pulledx it off

Pretty much no contest

Hope I’m not boring everybody to death…I swear to God I’ll stop procrastinating soon and get stuff done…. Desisisters website might be an idea….
but first…my daughter shaves her head for charity tomorrow,Annie – BALD

and then work for two days…then me and Mia are spending a few days together… then i have four five days to get stuff done

pray for me 🙂 booking flights Tuesday…
defo doing this again


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  1. You’ve got my prayers!! And Peaches & Herb’s!!!❤️❤️❤️

  2. thank you 🙂 was really tempted to delete this post… all I;m doing at the moment is fretting… I do a great job of panic and procrastination 🙂

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