money came in…fridge broke ,washer broje

Car broke… Fire broke…..and laptop and dropped My phone smashed it completely…and the WiFi went off…

Decided to completely unplug …With the idea that I would rebalance ,create perfect order in my life..and return to the interwebs refreshed and revitalised full of enthusiasm and optimism …ready to nail the next Mission Mumbai

Guess where that went :))))) 

Despite numerous flea bombs …sprays…and a ridiculous amount of vacuuming they are still here … much reduced in numbers …but picked two off my ankle whilst writing this…may have to stop soon for another round of fumigation flea attack…marvellous Sunday 🙂

This has also halted sale of cushions we made in Mumbai .. Suspect ‘Buy One Get One Flea’  won’t go down well with the general public

No idea why highlighted jumped in above ..I’m the queen of finding hot keys accidentally ..

Where was I ? Fleas…will sort them shortly

Meanwhile…. Sorted car and washer…and there’s a to-do list somewhere… 

Just sat with my feet up on the table drinking coffee looking at the sunshine outside #sundaymorning and forgetting about my flicky little friends for half an hour ..  

Finish my job in two weeks … Have plenty of money in the bank thanks to early pension release and have cleared a few debts….I’m shattered after big trip across Pennines yesterday for Princess Mia’s birthday…slumped here waiting for caffeine to kick in

And thinking that I really need to be clear what I’m doing for the next few months or I’m going to hit September flat broke

Wouldn’t be the end of the world but not the outcome I’m looking for 🙂 

In fact…definitely not an option…by the way…view from where I’m sat right now ..sunnier than it looks I’m rubbish at photos

As I was saying … Job ends, Mumbai soon after. . just downloaded David Allen’s ‘Getting Things Done’ .., see if it can help me relax instead of managing my to do list like a ping pong game on acid…and working my way through Kate Northrup’s money love book as that’s the other bugbear… I don’t know .. Me and money never seem to stay in the same universe for long … Whenever I get any there just seem a million emergencies and ….. Cappuccinos.. I’m an expert at reducing large amounts to nothing without spending more than a fiver in any single transaction…. 

Its been a bit mad because we haven’t had any money in for ages…been IKEA, tarted up the house a bit, hit primark and bought, amongst other things, four pairs of shoes that don’t fit me, treated myself to some expensive make up bought my granddaughter a passport ,a birthday party, trip to eurodisney with grandad and helped the kids out … 

The work things getting harder and harder … I’m not best at staying the distance …and having to adult at the same time

With that in mind might be an idea if I started flea wars….and put the ironing board away…get my clothes ready for work next week…buy some food for gods sake! Been frittering on posh fast food and…cappuccinos

and ponder whether I should really be doing this….Mumbai…. Sensible me knows I should be looking for my next job now,big brave me is in hiding and trying to decide if its not just another name for crazy me…. And I know damn welI I’m gonna go…I promised the girls I would come back and I’m dying to see them anyway…

Think I’ll start with a shower , vacuum and flea spray :)))) loverly Sunday …. Not all bad , just remembered have a steak in the fridge and some red wine on the side … Once I get to the other side of flea wars its looking good … Can enjoy and start thinking about just what I’m going out to Mumbai to do