at the end of a week off work, richard branson and half-term

at the end of a week off work that doesn;t even barely resemble what I had planned… my long week spring cleaning, energy renewing, business planning,video making…didn’t happen .. i timed it for grand-daughter half term thinking we could do this stuff together… apart from pulling out all the barbie dolls heading for Mumbai, examining each in depth, all over the living room floor,the rest of the weeks plans left her cold… we ended up with a week of bobbing between me and grandad… barely any cleaning has taken place, washing still needs doing,laptop is flaking badly, my shoulder is doing weird stuff (left side of my head and shoulder going numb…) and its Bank Holiday weekend, and today I’m taking the dogs out, meeting an aunty with Mia and walking the the rain 🙂 Seems no-one told the weather it was Easter and we have a lovely riany spring weekend

leaving work/Mumbai is now only 9-10 weeks away and still no proper prep or plans…although as I recall my plan was to just go there and work in peace but seem to remember I thought that last time and didn’t happen then either

I think I have some sort of ‘plans will never happen’ curse on me…

Its Good Friday here, dropping Mia off to Nana Terry and Linda for the weekend shortly..

did I mention the midst of everything else had to flea bomb the house yesterday after realising my daughters cats, although gone(moved out last weekend), had left us some extra pets.. thin the correct term is infestation, the full extent of which wasn’t realised until I spotted around 30 bites on Mias arm back and legs..they’ve been dining on the mancub too yeah, flea bombs
and my pension came in..and I spent an evening meeting the mother of my sons’ brother who I didn’t know existed until a few months ago..the ‘father’ in question died 16 years ago in a car crash… its a long story, and all above board, we were very on/off especially towards the end of his life…but still totally weird and ok at the same time…. and then head gone the next day…then pension came in : I’ve just taken an old work pension early ..clear some debts , hopefully leave enough for a house deposit/investment… so head gione rapidly trying to focus… ended up crying watching

The plan was to spend the weekend working on plans for Mumbai but just heard that
big mancub is on his way home for Easter ..

and I’m cooking sausages for a big bank Holiday weekend breakfast when I should be in the car heading out for the dog walk…

and sitting here typing whilst half my head goes even number..

sometimes you just have to give in…

enhoy your easter folks.. x