Just got in from a film premiere…

Been an interesting night…and a busy week.

Just got back from a film premiere, last minute invite came in yesterday…. following hot on the heels of the Asian Wedding Awards..had to get dressed twice properly in a week, failed miserably the second time..and just how did i miss the free bar …. ?

was a bit rushed, premiere started at 6, and lots of frantic arranging as six of us meeting up… .and not one of us noticed the free bar… I blame Pedro, but thats another story..

Anyway,, call came in yesterday, Desisisters invited to Manchester premiere of Riz Ahmed and Billie Pipers new film… was hoping to meet Riz Ahmed but it was just a private screening rather than a red carpet affair…still, nice to have an invite …

Went last into auditorium, got stuck far too close to screen which made the camera shaking thing , although subtle, a bit difficult to handle close up, I;d make sure you sit to the back..

and it took a little too long to get started, lost of beautiful shots but slow and a little too many artistic shots of lit cigarettes and whisky….one thing I didn;t like about this film, and its quite petty in the general scheme of things….was the constant lighting of cigarettes..I was starting to gag…and I smoke… AND the whisky thing….

But…overall there were lost of things I liked about the film, the pace was a bit uneven, but it got going and it was good to see a guy playing a part that doesn;t fit the strereotypical asian, and the way they had fun with those stereotypes , the young lad, first wannabe gangsta, then jihadi… ish… ,Tommys dad…

no asian music though, anywhere.disappointing..but liked the drum and bass…

and its got just a little more asian flava than it might have meant to, film noire with a happy ending 🙂 all kabhi khushi khabhi gham 🙂

It felt more like a TV Drama than a film somehow, worth seeing though, would quite like to watch it again, for the shots of London alone… made me very homesick for London, been such a long time since I lived there, and have hardly been back.

I liked the early bits as well… the characters…

anyway, here’s a trailer….see what you think…





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