when you blog just because the place has got wifi ..

or maybe because you’re starving cos you missed the starters and you’re at the Asian Wedding Awards …on your own because you couldn’t make your mind up about going until teatime….too short notice for a friend…

Dithered over outfit and got here late … Missed starters….. 

I can hear knives and forks clinking so the food is obviously on the way out…Penny Appeal are doing their thing and getting sponsors for orphans in Gambia…..and Vanessa’s won an award…or two

Vanessa from the Sheridan suite is an old friend….she fed me a gin and tonic as soon as I got here..that’s not what she got the award for…but its another reason to love her… πŸ™‚

Alankar are here… Dil,Sagar,Poonam….will do liust later….
Someone just mentioned food followed by after party … Wondering if I’ll make it to work tomorrow…

Sony SAB are in here somewhere….we had a Bhangra thing going on last year….

1SW are here…

I know many of you reading have no idea who they are….just bear with me….I’ll throw a gallery up when I get home…main point really though is these are people who have done their best to support and collaborate with me over the last ten years #DesiSisters… πŸ™‚ 

I’ve got a whole table to myspf and I actually quite like it….the gin has kicked in and I’m just enjoying the glamour….the award winners are all announced and there’s a great buzz….
So sorry trying to add photos but tablet won’t pay nice ….and there’s Bob Marley playing on sitar..or I think that’s what it is…the instrument not the tune…

Anyway…everything’s gonna be okay…the food is here 


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