hello…this is me…..

been a busy little bee….

lots of interest on Facebook in my new profile pic…which I hate :0 Its a nice photo just still haven’t caught up with my actual age..can;t believe I;m now 100% white haired..I mean..just when did THAT happen…and the baggy face…smile is good though, as always 🙂 If i’ve done this right you should be able to see the featured image ..

Everybody thinks they’ll be fine with getting older, but when its you, it really takes some getting used to…one of these days I’ll write more on the subject ..but right now I’m late for work. had to tax my car before I could leave the house..long standing, usual, direct debits bounced all over the place last month…its the ‘go-faster’ thing, as soon as stuff starts happening I start falling apart 🙂 not the most useful trait for a wannabe entrepreneur…


Anyway….below is a pic taken circa 2005 , just on way out or back in from Bhangra Night :0 MISS that dark hair..





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