Drive,drive,drive……clean,wash,shop…planning Mission Mumbai: episode 2, our nextv step on the entrepreneurial journey…whilst also talking to lavonne \ellis about her memoirs, coaxing her into sharing her story with us…

and..Roys Shirt is still in Mumbai, ….

and my hair’s dirty and I’m sat here doing that battle between getting enough sleep, and getting something done… find myself wondering what Katniss would do… seriously…

life feels a bit like The Hunger Games again…

crawling through my to-do list so slowly

oh…and told work that I will be leaving at he end of may which has pitched me into pretty much blind panic…but I really don’t think I could keep on getting up getting dressed and getting out every morning….I’m starting to crack , its only a matter of time before the real me emerges and disaster ensues 🙂 I feel a bit like I’ve been taking poly-potion to blend in at work but its start to wear off, and the real me is much more Mad Eye Moody than Hermione…people there are nice…good people, but a bit on the quiet side for full scale Jen….its like working with Tigger on speed …. 🙂

it also means I’ll be freer to blog, and I can focus 100% on desiSisters and Mission Mumbai for a couple of months, go back out to Mumbai and set everything up properly…

I’m taking my pension early and drawing down a quarter, will use to clear debts and some left over for possible house deposit in the future, the rest will give me a small income , not enough to live on but enough to stop me starving…and I can set desisisters up properly…

and I will get another job when I come back if I need to…one good thing to come out of going back to IT is that I remembered how much I enjoy coding…

anyway… think I;ve decided that Katniss would go bed because her back is killing her and parts of her neck muscle are going numb 🙂


I have to work on desiSisters website, will give you all a shout when its done..


love an peace


jen xxx






  1. Lucky you! Leaving work!

    1. Jen says:

      there is a bit of a gap though between what i earn now and what i will have coming in….trying not to think about it 🙂

      1. Oh dear….you will be all right I’m sure of it…you’re a resourceful gal…😍

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