lessons learnt from The Hunger Games and other things

All last week, and week before I’ve been thinking up this fancy post about The Hunger Games… tips for survival from Katniss Everdean.. combined with a rundown of how I might fare as a tribute…. given the ‘Arena’ has neither Costa nor Aldi think there’d be serious words between me and the capitol peeps before I even stepped in there..

.. I was having a bit of a rough week at work… and needed something useful..to inspire em so went for  a bit of katniss…


And there are things in the book that don’t come over in the film..stunning things….like..she slept! , our Katniss… once she got in there, with 23 (?) people out to murder her, she found some water, crawled up a tree, tied herself in…and slept :))

Lesson Number One : EVEN if you’re life is on the line… SLEEP

Food and drink …Noticed rations, and weapons, were at the forefront of concerns for all Tributes… Katniss sorted hers first…

.I’d be frantically looking for Costa and any plant that looked vaguely smokable. .nut

Lesson Number TWO : Sort out your own fuel.. food, water..

and then there’s staying true to yourself, not allowing the games/life to dehumanise you (Rue and the flowers) ,

and not being afraid to lose your temper…. 🙂 can;t think why i love thatr ule so much..

then i got bored with the lessons and started thinking about how i might fare in the Hunger Games…


Things that might work in my favour.. 

I’m clumsy ..very clumsy ..there’s a good chance I could kill half the tributes by accident, particularly if i was being helpful…

then there’s the brain thing… I don’t know what it is about me but I can turn peoples brains to mush just by talking… I think I’m making sense but the eyes glaze over and they pass out..could be worth a try…I could try explaining SEO and see who was still alive when I’d finished?

I’m psychotic without coffee and cigarettes.. could quite possibly be the shortest game ever as I realise that fastest path to both of the above would be to murder everyone else in the arena..

It was a good read and joking apart, the pacing myself, sleep and food are all things I thought you were supposed to ignore to succeed but experience has taught me that when I don;t do those things I get to within yards of a spectacular finish, then collapse with exhaustion  see Mission Mumbai, where I started well, but after 3 weeks of barely any sleep…’ excited kid’ syndrome, came back to UK with stock, collapsed with bugs/exhaustion and now still have 100+ cushions to sell.. not ordinary cushions..motivation, inspirational cushions..long story but definitely coming next


and The hunger games stuff… the war I want to win.. Desification of the nation.. restiring the ability to take life lightly everywhere..again..next chapter










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