i need to learn to read letters properly!

Think my last post was pretty clear about the full extent of my money woes…and its not got any better.. in fact this is pretty much a panic post :)))))))))))))))))

I’ve been so busy reading a book about how to sort my money problems… I actually missed a huge one

usual post-christmas brokeness…was just hanging on till payday …which is now just four days away…

and surprise surprise ! clearing paperwork off the table , glanced at letter from the company I work for re: sick pay and realised I was on half pay for the last two weeks of sickness…ohmerrrrrrrrrrrgod!!

I remember getting the letter but something about the date obviously didn’t click.. I read it as mid-feb not mid JAN !! eeeeeeeeeeeek doesn’t quite describe it

have been frantically rejigging my spreadsheet trying to figure out how this is going to work

meanwhile, back in Mumbai I have a group of women waiting for phase two of Desisisters Mission Mumbai and I am still sharing my bedroom with 150 cushions that really should have been sold by now but I haven’t even done the sales page because I’ve been too busy worrying about money..


oh..I’m also ‘dieting’ … just to add to my difficulties I now have to navigate free foods, healthy extras and syns … slimming world….after years of hating slimming clubs have finally given in , in the hope that I can shift two stone and get my bhangra bod back before I hit 57 .. like I said, I am eternally optimistic

Nothing else for it but a few chapters of The Hunger Games before bed… give me courage to come up with the ‘jenvsDebt’ gameplan

and .. straighten my head so I can get Mumbai up and moving again…

apologies for possibly the dullest post ever.. but seriously 25% of my pay will be missing on friday…  think my next post may have to be instructional, 101 ways to get into debt without trying, or alternative;y, how to spend £60,000 on a few cappuccinos and a bag of weed .. 🙂


talk soon