Think the beasties nicked my oomph

Seriously …beasties gone, my little intrapersonal pets..kinda miss listening to them charging around my small intestine, although not the mind blowing toilet visits..but yeah, they’re gone and i’m a bit lost

AND I did my back in at the weekend, sort of going after a pan at the back of a kitchen cupboard from a really weird angle.a sort of sideways twist half bent worthy of a circus du soleil performance, ..

its an art form/skill known only to myself, the art of perpetual injury .. crashed my car a little bit as well.. pulled out of a lane of traffic whilst close to car in front, as it happens , a little too close, and scratched the guys bumper. he wants proper job done so off to insurance company and loss of no I managed to pick up two parking tickets in last month and forgot to pay within 14 day deadline BUT  it was Christmas. Have sent them pictures of my giardia and sick notes begging for  chance to pay early-bird reduced fine., and in one instance arguing that i wasn’t actually in the bus lane… and it was right at the very end of that bus lane anyway ! fingers crossed…


but yeah, no oomph… back to work in five days, imagined being serenely on top of all things in my life by now and still ‘facing my debts’, which generally involves, coffee, cigarettes, a lot of angst and several painful phone calls/emails

I had hoped for an easy solution but my first option (drawing down my pension) is potentially disastrous and could result in a ‘no pension’ situation, bankruptcy makes me cringe, so affiliates here I come which means at some point I have to move this blog onto proper hosting so that i can add some lists of things i like with links to purchase (sidebar) on the off-chance that someone will click through , buy stuff and thereby generate an affiliate fee which will go towards said debts.. to the tune of £40,000 .

Worth a shot 🙂

and desisisters website is still, not ..done.. the bad back didn’t help, and refused to let myself do anything until I had faced every last nasty letter…

Its 1;18am here.. that’s another thing.. being at home all day, living with a daughter on night shifts has shifted my timetable.  Suspect will be awake until 3am when she rolls in… throwing a spanner in any plans to get stuff done tomorrow.

and I have sooooooooooooo much to do… sat in wet cold Manchester its hard to believe Mumbai exists, never mind that I’ve just got back from there and have a whole wold changing project half developed..

next job…back to Mumbai..virtually if not physically… high time I did the girls justice… introduced the  DesiSisters Mumbai… and got those 170 cushions i am currently sharing my bedroom with, online…