They’ve gone..the pets….

Pets have gone, treat you to full story another time…family xmas led to a solid start to 2017… but felt like Rip Van Winkle but finally, finally growing up enough to realise that some things take TIME…. not everything can be done in 5 minutes

Been signed off work for another two weeks because symptoms were taking a while to die down,,and I had to see a consultant at the hospital so to make sure I didn’t return to work in a condition where I might be able to pass on my critters to my colleagues, and potentially shut down the national rail network, it was thought best if I stayed away from work till absolutely certain i was clear

To be fair I have been far more ill than I gave myself credit for at the time. I have been soooooooooooooooo ill, in a way that left me perfectly wasted… best Christmas i have ever had because the kids HAD TO get stuck in… or do without dinner, decorations, food…

so ill that i thoroughly enjoyed being a complete vegetable on the couch for the best part of six weeks….drifting in and out of sleep…the nights were hell… my little tummy pets thought it best to wait till i was fast asleep before releasing the results of all their hard work….and i’d spend all night rushing back to the loo.

so grateful for a daughter on night shifts who would change my bedding when she got i from work at whatever ungodly hour that might be,  help me find my pj’s and generally make nice noises in my direction..

and her poor girlfriend who’s first weeks of living with me involved having to brush her teeth in the bedroom and run over the road to use the loo at the Doctors .. nice intro 🙂

big shout out to Charlotte…shes a lot friendlier now the symptoms have died down 🙂

So yeah, its really knocked me sideways, although I think a large part of that was the level of exhaustion I had at the same time… 2016 was pretty wild… in January I failed the PGCE,(Teacher Training ) adding £5000 to my debts, £5000 on my credit cards (expected to clear with bursary),thereby ending what I thought was my last hope of a decent job and no means of income… I had to declare myself self-employed as I was , I thought, about to launch a swift Indiegogo campaign to get myself out to Mumbai…which as it happens would have been impossible, but just at that moment I was asked to apply for a job, an IT /Oracle job, which I got… and all of a sudden I was back in the real world, with a proper job, and real money..I could actually pay bills again, and buy cappuccinos, and even have a takeaway without the world coming to an end….I even managed to buy some new clothes..

and I managed to buy a flight to Mumbai, get out there and take a real shot at developing the idea that myself and Vaseem had been talking about for the last year.. setting up a business that would train and employ women from the slums,

I was knackered when I got there to be honest…family stuff, work and trying to plan and fundraise…  the three weeks was crazy and I barely slept… part jet lag part managing the two different timezones, at office all day, doing social media updates chatting with UK.USA all night..rinse and repeat, oh with the odd motorbike road in the sunset here and there, and coffee with the delectable @ekcuttingchai ships captain and rather lush :i have tol say there is an abundance of incredibly charming handsome men in Mumbai 🙂 from market stall holders, to ships captains, to Mr India himself, TV Soap star, Mr Kawaljit Anand Singh.and my Airbnb host..0h and the mosquito crisis…had soooooooooooo many bites couldn’t sleep again… didn’t sleep night before video interview so scared..I hate being filmed/interviewed, far too self-conscious, complete with total haggard look going on, haggard meets bedraggled.. made Nanny McPhee look like Kim Kardashian..

The only reason I look human on there.. is because Vaseem kindly provided me with a make up artist , (I owe you Kushi :).. before filming

So… by the time I got home i was absolutely floored.. and then ignored symptoms for weeks, thought it was jet lag, and then delay in treatment (allergy to usual remedy had to seek specialist help meant those little desi parasites were having a field day…

Pure exhaustion took over… needed the rest … used the time to start sorting all the details of my life… finally took a good look at the debts I’ve accumulated during my Bhangra Fever Life detour of the last ten year. .. something around the £60,000 mark in all.

my options are bankruptcy, which will/could screw business development of desisisters

, drawdown 25% of my pension, which is looking like a favourable option at the moment, although involves removing rest of funds to another provider./annuity which could be a very dumb move. My current pension is from Kelloggs, index linked, reasonable income.need to think carefully

my final option is to repay those debts, by generating extra income using affiliates on my own website, which I will be open and clear about but will review books, films , and all my favourite things and if that works, anything it generates can go towards my debt.< this plan is called Jenvsdebt, for future reference

There a re a coupe of e-books I’d like to do, that I could publish on Amazon

Both possibly worth a shot before I touch my pension , although as always the issue of time /workload with other projects vs debt free now. #jenvsdebt

So that’s the money side of things.. and then there’s desiSisters /MissionMumbai.

the workshop in Mumbai was hailed a success, although we still have stock to sell. Missed a lot of sales for Christmas through being ill but will sort. Plus 170 cushion fillers in wrong size to dispose of. (If you can use 1670 cushion fillers 12×12..holla

So, yeah, Desisisters… had time to think of what needs to happen next and noticed, this time as always, the website got shoved on the back burner , losing the opportunity to really share what we do, showcase who we are..also making it very difficult for people I met in Mumbai, new people, to understand that desisisters is very, very different..##Anyway…

thats where I am right now, after fourteen years of Desi obession…started round about this time of year , 2004, with a young , rather funny indian guy… more about that another time..but FOURTEEN years.. and i still haven’t done the f**ing website 🙂

I;m offski… will post link when  website is live##

The video where I am half dead and can barely remember what I am saying…



p.s. there’s also Roy Mintys shirt which is still in Mumbai, at Mr Indias flat and Lavonne Ellis book… which needs to be out there…

p.p..s i almost forgot, there;s still #Team10B , a project which has sort of grown out of the PGCE and some work I did around engaging young working class white boys, currently failing in the system in large numbers and therefore latest hot topic.

p.p.p.s about that plethora of attractive young men…gallery below, leave you with a little eye candy

well hellooo Mr India 🙂 my ever=so congenial Mr Kawaljit Anand Singh…and his lodger, who is also, quite cute )
and then there’s Raj 🙂 my ever so attentive ,absolutely hilarious Rajasthani friend…also absolute pain in the *** but hey, wouldn’t have been the same without him :0…

Picture of ships captain on Whatsapp, you’ll just have to go check Twitter 🙂