…. meet my little Mumbai friend..that doesn’t like sprouts

Up there…featured image..its name is giardia and its currently living in my stomach…probably en famille…. we’ve been sharing my intestines for the best part of the last 4-6 weeks.. Thought it was taking me a long time to get over jet lag.

Its been a bit gruesome, I’ll spare you the details ..totally floored though, a wimpering wreck for most of the last month, acapable of nothing more than lying on settee (in between dashes to the loo) watching hour after hour of ‘Say yes To the dress; and the entire repertoire of Chrsitmas 24 channel..

On the plus side  I’ve lost over half a stone ,finally have a treatment in my hands and a new found respect for anti bacterial hand wash

thing is…. all symptoms subsided once I ate a few sprouts in my miniature Christmas dinner ..miniature due to inability to eat ANYTHING which changed within 24 hours

. I tried to share this startling info at the hospital this morning but they didn’t seem to think I’d stumbled on a scientific revelation…so I came home and took the antibiotics anyway .. like you do..a little concerned that one side effect of the drugs was listed as ‘spontaneous bone fracture’ ….

MissionMumbai and tales of my trip not done yet…just paused whilst i lost conscious repeatedly … but to be resumed in a week or so, updates will be posted 🙂

Things I have found about Giardia

It likes Choc Orange MacFlurry

Tumeric (in milk) calms it down

It is reduced/removed by quantites of sprouts and /or coca cola..possibly in combination as had both Christmas day

It saves you a fortune Christmas shopping

It creates an incredible tolerance for crappy tv, on the plus side I could now work as a bridal consultant..


started with me driving up M62 (wearing a nappy , … didn’t need it thank god but taking NO chances on any sudden acrobatics from my little tummy pets) )  on a rescue misson . Son and family  slept through  knock at door/ lift home arranged for them…

then the day got amazingly better,until well after midnight …. then got a lot worse


but had a feeling when drinking games started at 2am that it might not be a good idea

(‘kids’ aged 20,30 and 32  them drinking not me.I was still barely alive  .. )…

and … as expected had a few issues around 5am..

Middle son decided his sisters honour was at stake….it wasn’t … completely mistaken but wasn’t to be convinced otherwise …tried  to fight everybody ….. treated me to a full catalogue of all my shortcomings as a mother…everyone was a ‘ho’ .:)…took great offence at the Christmas Wreath on the front door..not quite sure what particular problem he had with the wreath but that bit the dust too…very very funny in retrospect not so great at the time..but hey thats Christmas) and technically Boxing Day by then..so really Christmas Day was pretty much perfect 🙂

.all drinking games now banned in this house ..forever!



I have somebody trying to have a serious business conversation with me about Mumbai, which I’ll explain once my pretty little parasites have gone and I can function again


love from me and my new parasite family :))







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