And we’re on the home stretch .. #MissionMumbai

7.30am here in Mumbai…. and down to the last few days,seems like far too much left to do…

There’s a video to be made, cushion fillers – 100, o be purchased, labels, might also be an idea if I sent out a Desisisters newsletter ….or even took the website out of maintenance mode 🙂

and Christmas presents to be bought, plus a visit to the Art Gallery in Colaba for a special Indiegogo postcard perk…. legal stuff for DesiSisters Mumbai set up to think about, and as we now have stock , a sales page might be in order…

blah blah blah 🙂

Hotel life is an odd one, can’t say I’ll miss hotel rooms, or noises in the corridor at 4am .. Mumbai hotels not as bad as I feared, few people fed me horror stories of bed bugs and cockroaches..but luckily experienced neither…beds pretty clean but mould marks everywhere..

Mumbai is built on a set of islands, sort of a swamp, its incredibly humid, which i quite like, but keeping stuff dry , not happening…and its filthy .. its a city , with city traffic, a huge smog problem an ever growing population as rural life in India gets tougher and more people come to the city looking for work. , all of which the authorities have attempted to resolve with a ‘No Smokingin public’ ban 🙂 sorry just can’t help laughing at that one.

Hotels have been ok. Mine were booked by staff at nail Lounge Academy , partners in the Mission Mumbai, at very low prices, in case you’re interested, through something called Keeping project spend to a minimum and making best use of budget hotels which has been ok so far.  Noisy, far from perfect but safe,clean and , for most of the time, with Wi-Fi.

Tried out an AirBnB for a couple of days ..first time AirBNB lured by a gorgeous terrace…


Terrace was fab , if a little over-populated by mosquitos which wouldn’t have been a problem, if I’d bothered to use any sort of mosquito repellant whilst I was there. .

Also, being a bit ignorant about these things I left the (ensuite) bathroom window open whilst i slept ,leading to a mosquito feeding frenzy at my expense

I’m from the ‘if you ignore it long enough it will just go away’ school of self -care……3 days later, bites had turned black, looked like I had the bubonic plague. Trips to  Colaba’s Buleshwar Market and trtting aorund Bandra in sandals had added to my extensive collection of Mumbai Mozzie Bites. mr Kader saab, Nail Lounge, marched me off to a doctor, took hugely strong anti-histamines and slept for 12 hours…

The Terrace

My AirBNB host was interesting…all AirBnB hosts are lovely, by and large, but Kawal raisies the bar on that one…he’s a qualified Industrial Psychologist, and a former Mr India World…. and was really attentive, enjoyed a  Sunday afternoon on the terrace chatting about life, the universe, the project, the project, the project ,cushion designs,the project…and Bollywood/india/Identity


and got over the weirdness of sleeping in someone elses house/flat.And there was Leila, cute little dog, who’s picture I can’t find.

Had wi-fi issues so moved back to Santa Cruz hotel, only to find that barely any wi-fi.

meanwhile Modi’s demonetisation shock causing HUGE problems, more about that when I get hold of the Nokia that broke,  that has all the video clips and photos of bank queues on it. Ditto videos from Raj of  his home and family in Santa Cruz East.

Now moved again to Hotel Sea Sands, missing the crew at Santa Cruz but LOVING the beach.

In Other News

Discovered an incredible skill…the ability to lose things in a hotel room 12 x 12 – spent half hour searching for laptop charger, ditto passport , mozzie cream and just about anything I need.

Sprint skills now in top order….I could  give Usain Bolt a run for his money, due to frequent road crossing in Mumbai…

Learnt you can never have enough plug converters…jumping from phone to tablet to laptop..juggling plugs, pain in the ****

Ashamed to say clinging to Starbucks/cappucinos, I always manitained I hated global brands in faraway places , but loving the cappuccinos, and grateful for a bland basil and mozarella sandwich when I’ve overdone the spice, had too much street food. I do actually use local brands Cafe Coffee day and Barista when I can find one… in fact Barista on SV Road BIG favourite and half the price of Starbucks.

Bathrooms in Mumbai … wet rooms, tiled floors… go figure… slip.sliding away :)))


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