First Day At ‘Work’…in Mumbai


Written on my first day in Mumbai…just forgot to publish….

Its 6.32pm here… its 29c outside…aircon in here…. got here at 12 after a very civilised ride/walk/short breakfast in a park.. and lots of admiring of buildings…

The one above is at the bottom of the road that the Nail Lounge is on,and where I will be based for the next three weeks..

Meetings booked all day tomorrow…that involve me getting on a train..
Colaba, Marine Drive, Exporters, manufacturers,Marketing

Update 19th Nov : I didn’t get a train, I was too scared I would get on the wrong one, got a taxi instead , was late...but…Worli Sea Link.. amazing bridge across the bay

here’s a short amusing clip..i was trying to video the journey over Worli Sea Link , taxi driver stopped to let me take pictures… Rikshaw Driver joined us…

and here’s a clip that really doesn’t do the view justice…it literally stopped me in my tracks…STUNNING…and the sky , sea everything was just like this when I went over it…


and then I went to a meeting on the back of a scooter..which didn’t go well.(both meeting and scooter ride)..I could tell I was just talking too fast (meeting)..said my goodbyes, left, realised I had no idea where I was…and had to go back and ask how to get home

then I wandered around Colaba for a bit, hanging around for two meetings that didn’t happen… and not quite sure how to get back to hotel

and  was looking at more buildings, and took a look at the famous Taj hotel, didn’t like it much to be honest, bit too ‘Days Of the Raj’ for me, pool looked lush though… contemplated what they’d do to me if I just jumped in , but decided against it…

had a peek at Leo’s ..nothing special…I wanted to Khader Bhai and co  in there (those of you who have read ‘Shantaram’ know what I’m talking about)…

tottered over to Gateway To India… and convinced myself that Swami Vivek Saab was looking at me…


Eventually found my way back to the train station,spotted a couple of Art Galleries that I;m going back for..

and was bracing myself for the train journey when a young man approached and offered me a lift home on the bacl of his bike..which I gratefully accepted …

one for the bucket list/old age memories, cruising through Mumbai, along the stunning Marine Drive, wind in my hair, on the back of a motorbike/scooter thing, with  a handsome young Rajasthani called Raj.. I could have been abducted I suppose..but decided some things are worth the risk…

Meet Raj..



and then I went back to the office and got another rikshaw home 🙂

I’ve been uploading random little videos on facebook..and then on YouTube. if you want to look .

I did consider videoing the bike ride but decided that the chances of both phone and me surviving highly unlikely

This post is dedicated to @biploaronfire .. another blogger who I lurve 🙂 and who asked for more posts, making me knuckle down and get this one done..

Coming soon, some videos Raj made of his home and family in Santa Cruz that he wants me to show everyone, how Modi threw us a curveball , and my AirBnb experience with a former Mr India World..and a dog called leila 🙂


oh….and CLICK HERE for Google Earth pics of Marine Drive @)  hopefully 🙂

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