Still here….sorry

Shortest blog post ever ? 5 Sleeps to Mumbai, waiting for video to load up to YouTube and then can submit Indiegogo bid, Team in Mumbai waiting for details/instructions, so much to do online, so much to do at PACK 🙂

Mermaid and Fluff moved back in this weekend and its been chaos… NOTHING that should be happening is happening… 😉

and its Diwali … and I didn’t even light a tea light , engrossed in IndieGoGo

Absolutely bricking it about Mumbai..Can’t believe I’ve done this…I’ve never gone abroad without my family /friends before, ever…and this is India…amazing but overwhelming, maybe..

I have never done anything remotely like this before…

There’s a video here, from an old friend of mine, Arshad Chaudhry. He died 5 years ago of the most wonderful people I’ve ever met…he could have been a Harry Potter character, he had such innocence and intelligence, and ..well.. I’ll let you judge from the video. he was dying of cancer when he made this,..having I said, amazing man..

Strangely enough I wasn’t looking for this particular video of his, but every word relates to where I am right now..



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