Today was prototyping day…


Today was the day that myself and craft-capable, stylish, creatively talented friend, got together to run over some ideas and create some prototypes, try out ideas for the first round of ‘production’ in Mumbai (now 2 weeks and 4 days away)


been having problems getting my pom poms and middle son appeared home yesterday and required various episodes of transport, which is fine as its the only time I ever get to talk to him..but delayed preparations for today…

so, we started late after mad dash for pom poms… pulled out the fabric and had a play..



we were looking at making cushions from damaged clothing, Indian, and adding some modern funky trim… oh and we were dying some of the fabric..and clothing some dolls and bears…


Harder than it looks, found out that matching trim to kameez that we wanted to use was difficult, plus trim needed to be bigger.

washing machine broke, dye was wrong colour, bank charges went out of my account and Amanda had to pay for her own tea..but apart from that it was ok..oh, and we didn’t finish a cushion..

Amanda sort of fled, clutching fabric and pom poms around an hour or so ago, to continue with work at home, over the week. next meet Thursday..I think I might have been driving her slightly insane.. I vaguely remember her saying something about a panic attack and opening the french windows :))

oh..also stalled because neither of us could see to thread the sewing machine, great combination of age and poor lighting and a too busy weekend…

but #WatchThisSpace for further details of our creations :))

If you look closely thats a new outfit for Barbie