and we’re almost at four weeks away… #MissionMumbai


Just been ill for a few days… part flu, part mumbai meltdown…

think i may have lied about not panicking anymore 🙂

There just seems to be very little time between me and this workshop , and so much to do…and the money is a tight squeeze..

although, I keep reminding myself that the women I am going out there to work with typically earn £2 a day, so makes my worries a bit lame…

My virtual mastermind group have been a great help, with Danielle Laporte publishing a very timely post about asking for help… which I’ll do once I’ve calmed down sufficiently to string a sentence together 🙂

It might just be an idea to publish a newsletter to the Desisisters and let them know whats going on…

and Chris G has been brilliant.. posting about risk and fear..and somehow, without knowing it, giving me the support I need

Mark Silver popped up today with a great post about Brush Hogs and clearing space for your business to grow.. 

Virtual mastermind groups are wonderful things 🙂

Apart from reading blogs.. I’ve made an attempt at a little fundraising via Ebay, although right now I think I’m losing.. between fees and accidentally listing a sterling silver bracelet for a £1 I’m on the wrong side of generating cash.. but fingers crossed for some income/increase in Mission Mumbai fund..


and still haven’t located my passport…

apologies for the dreary post…after effects of mini-flu and that weird space between realising the thing you want to work on is about to happen…and actually moving into action to do it

Also… the work thing .. i have to do adulting and getting dressed in the morning.. 😉

love an peace

jen x


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