I’m not panicking anymore

I’m not panicking anymore…in case you were worried.. I know I was…

I was terrified of letting everyone down… the people I’ll be working with, who have given me so much support, my family who i’ve already put through so much in the years i’ve spent obsessed with Desisisters..

but most of all .. the women I’m going out there to help..

if there’s one thing worse than struggling its disappointment…

thinking its all over , you’ve got your break, only to find out that you’re back to square one..

SO… I’ve been focusing on that..  thinking about how I can make sure that doesn’t happen..

Just to recap, and for those of you that don’t know..

I’m going to Mumbai to start a womens co-op. I’ll be working with Vaseem Kader from Bombay Stores , 1SW, Now  Nail Lounge, India.

Together we are going to run a week long workshop with a group of women, starting off a womens co-op.. a very different one.. wages,profit share,education…

At the end of the workshop we are going to post the stuff we have made online and see what sells..

my worst case scenario is that nothing sells

primary focus right now is gathering the troops, tweeters, sharers, bloggers to help me spread the word….

and getting the products right.. I’ve set up a focus group on Facebook for the latter,


if you can help with either hit me up on twitter @desisister_jen, or find me on facebook .. www.facebook.com/desisisters 🙂 msg me via page .. my personal profile here too

Now I’ve shared that important message I’m off to have  a bath, only 5 weeks till I go..and not sure where my passport is…. or my clothes…

still have visa, travel insurance to sort..

so, yeah… if you can/want to help…hit me up online and lets get a virtual  army sorted for our girls in Mumbai :))))))) #RockTheInterwebs


Talk to you tomorrow x


THIS IS VASEEM…   my good friend …and our #ManInMumbai 🙂