A Bench, One silver bracelet and a chair…

One birthday over..one ticket to Mumbai booked….


Its still really tight though, only one more payday before I actually go..

which brings me to benches, silver bracelets and chairs...one chair actually…. which is also silver… (I have now sold the chair…sorry if u were tempted)

Just weighing up every last thing I have in this house that I can sell..

I have a well paid job, but I only went back to work a few months ago, and still playing catch upon 5 years of accumulated debts when I was trying out being self-employed and practically starving to death.. I could wait and go next year but this needs to happen now, whilst the opportunity is still there… and ..there’s other stuff going on in the background that has made me realise that you just can’t assume the future..

I do have  a wonderfully precarious plan B that involves fun financial  jiggery pokery ,i.e. cancelling direct debits/standing orders and playing catch up later … .. fun, and I’m an expert at this one…but its  also why I have so many financial problems now, so maybe not 🙂 and it could end in yet another disastrous christmas..

so back to that list…

I know I could crowdfunding but that needs to be done for the project..wages for the women involved, any stock we might need, and to generate cash to take the project forward so I can’t touch that…and wouldn’t want to…

List so far… one bench,(my garden bench), said bracelet and chair(sold)...I do have quite a few saree, slawar kameez…a..2 x suitcases full …not at their best ,  few  a little worse for wear after flood in the cellar… …but still…will see what I can reclaim, worth a shot..and might be able to sell some as fabric/rags for craft projects ?

And I do have some cash over from bills when I get paid…. even more if I start playing fast and loose with my bills, which I’m kind of hoping to avoid  #JustSayno 🙂

I’ve already sold loads of stuff to pay for Christmases so there is precious little left… but could be interesting..I’ve already spotted a rogue earring on the windowsill that could be sale-able if I can find the other one :))

and its the work thing again tomorrow..and its late…and I need to go…

stand by for a ‘pay what you can’ sari sale..plus any other remotely useful thing I can find in my house… possibly even my car…

did I mention I lost a piece of car on the way back from Nottingham (Uni drop-off)…thought not…but still sellable…

anyway..work..morning..house reasonably ‘clean’, one mancub back at Uni, and one E-ticket to Mumbai sat in my inbox…

Talk soon 🙂



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