Twitter Hints and Tips..too many but…

The bits in blue are updates added on 17/9/2016 .., I’m tidying up the blog

…. This is an old post from 2012…This was a time when I was surviving by teaching people Social Media, setting up blogs and Facebook pages for websites, coaching, and the odd website…

It is seriously way,way,way too long but someone might find it useful..

A Few Hints ,Tips, Guidelines For Successful Travel In the Twitterverse

Twitter is wonderful πŸ™‚ Β Β 

It’s fantastic for support, networking and inspiration. Its a great place to let people know about what you do, and where people can buy your stuff.

It is also a wonderful place to take a good look at what the rest of the world is saying and doing.

You will find inspiration, more interesting people and articles than you could ever possibly read, and a very simple way to build good relationships with other people and their businesses.

It truly is a global community.

Before You Start:

No-one Talks to An Egg – Upload A Profile Picture

I’m sure most of you already know this, but if you haven’t done this yet, get rid of that egg!!

If you don’t want to use a picture of yourself, use a picture of something that you like or that represents you. A Cartoon, flowers…

No-one wants to follow an egg.

Your Bio : Make it interesting , take a good look at others and play around with yours until you have something you are happy with..

Your link : Use the website link on your profile to link to your blog,website or Facebook page. Β < make sure you do this


A little glossary of abbreviations used in the Twitterverse πŸ™‚

FF – Follow Friday – used to recommend your favoruite followers to otehrs..on a Friday πŸ™‚

WW – Welcome Wednesday , used by tweeters to thank all followers from the previous week

RT – Retweet, Twitter adds this automatically when you re-tweet someone else’s tweet..

TY – Thank You

GT – gratitude

Hints and Tips

Follow people back. <<<<— I’m not sure I believeΒ this anymore

Only major celebrities can get away with ‘broadcast’ tweeting, the majority of people follow back almost everybody that follows them.

The exception here are ‘spam’ bots. (see day two)

Follow the people that genuinely interest you..ignore the rest..but DO make the effort to follow other people..its not all about you

So follow back.

Take a look around. Click on a persons twitter name to see their profile.

Click on their link to see who they are and what they do.


How to spot ‘spam bots’

Once your followers start to increase, you will start to attract more and more followers.

Check their timeline, if it is full of links, and they are semi-naked, or their photo looks computer generated…do not bother to follow back..unless you want your timeline full of links, and of course they will then follow all your followers and spam them too.

These are accounts set up to promote, they are not real people and will not add anything to your twitter power.


Life is much easier on Twitter using Tweetdeck.

It is free and enables you to manage Facebook account too if you wish.

I use Tweetdeck on my desktop, and have columns for :

Mentions – you need to see who is trying to talk to you or about you.

New Followers – this allows me to see clearly when a new follower pops up, easier to thank them.

LiveStream – ALL your followers

Hello/Goodbye Β < this is not that important anymore

Think of Twitter as a bar, or a meeting place. < but it is still like a bar

There are lots of people milling around, some speaking and some listening. Behind all those twitter names are real people.

So, log on, say hello, in your own sweet way.

Take a look around at what people following you are saying.

Retweet anything you find interesting or that you feel should be shared.

When you are ready to leave Twitter, say goodbye.

Remember : when new people look at your Twitter stream, they will see a genuine attempt to communicate…and more likely to follow you..

Follow Friday

In Twitter land, Friday is called Follow Friday.

Its the day of the week when we take a look at our followers, pick a few and recommend them.

You start your tweet with #FF, followed by the Twitter name of the person you think everyone should follow, and , if you feel up to it add a reason.

For example:

#FF @nickyhappyface – for making me smile with every tweet

#FF @suitsmeonline for some lovely tweets this week

#FF @monirali for sending a beautiful tweetograph with my morning coffee

If you are mentioned by someone else in a ‘#FF’ tweet, it is good manners to thank them.

You do this with a tweet which begins ‘TY @desisisters for the #FF #gratitude’

or you could just hit the reply button and say thanks :)))

Follower to Following Ratio

It looks best, works best if you never follow more than one and half times the number of people who are following you.

How following works..

If someone ‘follows’ you, they can see your tweets, you cannot see their tweets.

If you follow someone you can see their tweets they cannot see yours.

This post should have finished here but it goes on…and on…and on..and on…till you’re on the verge of brain damage … SORRY!

Finding Your Followers

If you are looking for followers for business, do not follow the big names in your business, unless you really want to πŸ™‚


follow the people that follow the big names.

For example: if you are in fashion, you would follow the people that follow a big name in fashion magazines, or a fashion store, and, of course, follow the people following your competitors < these are the people likely to be interested in your business

Shorten Your Tweets Β < this no longer applies, tweets are sorta tiered now.. comments added as a second tweet..sort of

Have I told you yet to keep your tweets to less than 100 characters..?

When someone retweets they like to add their own bit…ing to get much more confident with their tweets


Hashtags are used in tweets to denote a topic or area of interest.. πŸ™‚


During the UK Riots, people tweeted with #ukriots at the end of their tweets to show that their tweet was about those riots.

They used that tag to hold a conversation together.

There are three main ways to use hashtags…

1 – for further expression, as in #facepalm when someone does or says something stupid, or #hugegrin at the end of a funny tweet

2 – to catch people looking for your area of expertise or offer..

3 – to converse, group tweets about a topic together…as in #ukriots


From tweets today…

@365daysofgenius : ‘Looking for guest posting opportunities in #creativity or #innovation ? We’re looking for you! ‘

@Tamidsmith:’Great webinar @CraigBradford @philnottingham @distilled. Thank you #SEOcommerce’

Share The Love – Retweet Β <- DO THIS

Go and look at the people you are following , and reweet something that you like. Don’t be shy…just find something and tweet it.

Twitter is a community, people want to be heard, by tweeting another persons tweet you are giving from that community, and they’ll be much more interested in you when its your turn to tweet about your ‘thing’ .

TY for Follow and DM’s

Many twitter folk send a direct message (DM) to new followers, a thank you (TY), and often a link to their Facebook page.

You can do this automatically using TweetAdder, or you can take the time at the end of each day to thank people…automatic DM’s are set by businesses although there is a great deal of controversy as to whether this is good practice or not. If you want to grow your Facebook fans, it is apparently a good place to get that Twitter/Facebook conversion started.

Shorten links

When you use links in your tweets, you can use various tools to shorten your links so that they don’t use up too many of your 140 characters.

I think some of you may already know this, but for the rest of you, make use of this..

Is anyone seriously still reading ? I wrote it, and I’m bored/dazed/confused Β πŸ™‚

Follow Everyone on a Challenge Β < Google twitter challenge

When doing a challenge on Twitter, everyone in the challenge follows everyone else for the length of the challenge.. πŸ™‚

There are good reasons for doing this, as it gives everyone else’s followers a chance to see you, and vice versa…and thats what Twitter is all about…not just growing your network but sharing and mixing with new people.

Triberr Β < this is a bit obsolete now..

You may notice on some Tweets, a little note that says ‘from triberr’.

This means it has been tweeted from the Triberr software.

Triberr is a social media network that allows people to create and join ‘tribes’ – groups of tweeters who have joined as a group.

People do this because then the whole group retweets each others tweets, amplifying the impact of any single tweet, and driving a great deal of traffic to the tribe members websites..

At this moment I belive you still have to be invited to Triberr..(its almost like Freemasons for Twitter), but its interesting to see who is in.

There is an article about Triberr here if you want to read further…

Links…to your website (Dec 15th)


If you want to sell something on Twitter, make sure that the link takes the person who has clicked on it directly to the point where they can order or buy…

I noticed someone today tweeting a link to their Facebook page. This is fine if you want to grow Facebook Fans, but if you want to sell something use the link for the item actually on your website, so that buying is only one more click away…


A Tweetchat is when a person, or group of people decides to hold a meeting/chat on Twitter.

There are many ways a business can use this to reach out to customers and demonstrate their expertise, and obviously many many community and social uses.

The Tweetchat will always use a hashtag to identify itself… and tweeters taking part will use the same hashtag to indicate that their tweet is a part of the chat.

To track the tweetchat people use either Tweetdeck (with one column set to hashtag results) or they will use

You can find a directory of tweetchats at TweetChat 411 – go take a look there’s some really interesting suff on there,

there will be something for all of you I guarantee πŸ™‚

TweetChat example :

Twitter Newspapers

From time to time you may see tweets that promote Twitter newspapers….

These are newspapers created from the content in your network, from the content shared by the people you are following..

Take a look here…its fascinating

Tweeting times and Timezones..its a global Community

Think about the times you are tweeting. Are your potential customers at work, at home, putting thekids in bed, or asleep themselves? Remember, you need to be tweeting when they are on Twitter to use it to maximum advantage πŸ™‚

Also, if you are someone who can supply goods/services globally, are you taking different timezones into account?

Golden Rule :Never tweet a link at people you don’t know

I’ve done a lot of telling you about things on Twitter that you should do…today I want to warn you about something that you should never do…

Never tweet a link directly at people, repeatedly. It is ok to do this if it is part of genuine conversation, but if you send out tweet after tweet you could find your account supended…

Someone I knew, a celebrity, tweeted her new website link to every person in her followers list and a few more besides.

This is spamming…the lady involved had her account supended and had to start all over again with a new Twitter account.

Its ok to tweet people you know with links, but if you do it, repeatedly, to people who do not know you, they will block you and report you as spam..

How to block tweeters

From time to time you will see followers pop up in your twitter stream, that are obviously offensive…

If you go to their Twitter profile you will see an option to block this user.

This means that this user cannot tweet you…

Placement of links

Research shows that a link one quarter into your tweet is clicked more often than a link at the end. Surprising but true.

So , when you add a link to your tweets, keep it closer to the beginning πŸ™‚


This is a tool which scores your social media performance…there is some controversy about how well it measures your score but there are some really useful metrics available which show you how far your tweets reach, amplification etc.

It also picks up bits from your tweets and decides that you are an ‘expert’ in certain subjects…for a while it had me down as an expert on ‘bicycles’ :))

This was because I tweeted a video of police dragging a group of youths off their bicycles and kicking them around the floor during the Manchester riots…so, as you can see, its not great at picking the right specialist subjects..more recently it has decided that I am an expert on coffee..and business… almost right πŸ™‚

Pop over to Klout, put your Twitter name in and see what it tells you about your social media performance πŸ™‚

What to do if you’re hacked

From time to time Twitter accounts are hacked.

Usually when this happens you will find that your Twitter account sends out Direct Messages to all your followers with a link, usually to a site that trys to get the account details.

If you receive a DM (direct message) from a follower, along the lines of ‘Have you seen this picture of you’/’There is a mention of you in my blog’ with a link, be very careful…Never enter your account details from a link, chances are ths is a hacked account.

Tweet the sender and check, alert them that they may have been hacked…

What to do if your account has been hacked ?

Don’t panic, just change your password. Its that simple πŸ™‚

Never use Capital letters to Tweet

Capital letters in tweets,texts,staus updates are interpreted as shouting…and I’m sure you wouldn’t want soemone shouting in your timeline ..


Twitter Lists are a very useful way to split the people you follow, and make it much easier to read and understand..

If you are in business, I would suggest creating a list for your competitors You can choose to see all tweets from people in that list, making it easy to see how your competitors are managing Twitter.

I use lists… I have a list for:

BestBloggers – people I folow who regularly publish useful information

BollyBloggers – friends who post interesting information about Bollywood

OnesIWannaSee – new followers I am curious about, and wnat to check out their tweets before adding them to other lists

Desisisters – a list of my friends and fellow desisisters πŸ™‚ < no longer exists

Twitter can be a bit mind blowing at times… Lists help to organise the mind, and most certainly help in preventing Twitterverse overload…

Want to stop your brain from sending out sparks on there? Go… create your lists πŸ™‚

Lists, lets take a look at this tool….for managing lists …

What are you offering followers?

What value are you creating for your followers?

I was about to recreate this article, but I think it could be a lot easier to share…

Go check out this, and the site in general..

Share Other Peoples Stuff

Sharing other related articles that you find will gain you supporters on twitter.

If you’re business is Food, share an article on latest products (jamie Oliver for example) with a link to that product for sale on your websitefrom your shop

If you’re business is Fashion, share an article about this seasons new colours, which can also be found in your catalogue..

Make some time


For Twitter to really work for you, you have to make some time to really take a look at what is going on.

Who are these people who have decided to follow you? Go look at their websites, comment if you feel like it.

Take a look at what people are saying, your followers and the people you are following…

One of our Twitter challengers has just attracted a horde of Russian followers..I find that really interesting, especially so if the SuitsMeOnline team start to get orders from there πŸ™‚

So..go ! Find some time in your diary, two hours…enough to REALLY look…