My Butcher Gave me his dinner, plus WhatsApp with Mumbai

Captains Log Sunday Bank Holiday…28th ? Aug 2016


My Butcher gave me dinner today and not for the first time….Took one look whilst I was picking up my keema and gave me his dinner and sent me home to eat :))

Enough for me and josh… not for the first time either..


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Mr Fyaaz….. :))))))

And then Big Charlie, only so named because his son is also named Charlie and at age 30 has only just lost his ‘Baby Charlie’ tag…so Big Charlie gave  me perfume….we’ve been divorced now for 25+ years but good friends..took a long time but we got there in the end..and recently he;s been hitting supertsar supportive status on a regular basis..



One of those days when you’re frantically trying to get a grip but its all a bit random really

the day started with a WhatsApp message from Vaseem in Mumbai which had me scrambling into the shower to wake myself up for a serious chat with Vaseem, chief collaborator in Mission Mumbai

Vaseem… our Man in Mumbai, CEO Nail Lounge Academy, India

we talked about how this is going to work, and what needs to be done…very quickly…

I think this might be what they call in ‘Agile Business Methodology’  a ‘scrum’..

Whatever , its standard Desi style, quick chat, run through stuff we needed to sort..and established that we are both really really looking forward to this..

Vaseem to sort workshop etc Mumbai side, Me to get there.. 🙂 (queue evil laughter, getting from A to B without mishap not my strong point, sorting flight 5th Nov

Me – also to provide more info on products

Agreed on partnership arrangement with the women involved as fastest path to female empowerment – post on that one coming soon, but both agreed education in business skills for women involved fundamental to the way we set this up

Neither of us taking salary or profit

And it looks now like this is really going to happen…and I get to focus on sketching out those ‘products’, bringing Khaanibear and friends to life, restoring abandoned ‘barbie’ dolls (disclaimer) to their former glory plus some, Desi style…and putting together the ultimate weapon of desification, Bollywood In A Box

And there is other stuff…Vaseem has stuff / products he wants to try too

And I got an email from Charlene (screenshot of email, links to blog)


Our Desisister in the Desert, reporting for duty to Bhangra HQ #MissionMumbai

Which is very helpful and timely as there is a ton to do and Charlene is absolute dynamite at getting stuff done

And the house is a mess, food needs to be bought,i’m going to Prestatyn at the weekend with family, three days in work…and and and…

Postscript: Its sunday now, house is clean, most of it, clothes washed, food cooked… crashed out in the garden this afternoon, 5 minutes sunbathe turned into two hour snooze…..running to catch up had to wash car in the dark…local jet wash stays open but no lighting… still,m its done 😉


Background :

Vaseem : Originally from Bradford, former manager of Bombay Stores and 1SW events,  moved to Mumbai a few years ago, where his wife Kavitha is an established businesswoman with her won Nail Lounge in exclusive Bandra,  leading Nail care expert.Together they built the Nail Lounge Academy and are currently launching franchises across India.

Mission Mumbai :

This whole idea began around a year ago after Vaseem mounted a Ramdan Charity campaign to provide food and clothing for the poor in Mumbai, a feww eeks later I messaged Vaseem and showed him ‘Punjammies’ , and suggested, that with his retail/business background,   we might be able to provide something more solid and sustainable for those struggling.Between then and now there;

I’m aware of the criticisms of Punjammies and similar organisations, we are looking at a partnership model for the women involved, profit share and business education. Total empowerment , not just a job…all to be explained, all in good time…

More about mumbai soon