Rapid Update

Not the best day ever….still burrowing away at #MissionMumbai which is also the springboard for DesiSisters, (aka the big idea that won’t leave me alone…)

Have to throw workshop over plans over to Sabs, who is a trainer and whose Linkedin Profile I will share when I get organised,

and spending weekend with an old friend, going away for weekend top sit down and focus purely on how this is all going to work, what needs to be explained, what needs to be done..

and putting the IndieGoGo bid up Saturday…with whatever I’ve got at the time, no going back..not this time

and today started well, with sunshine and greek yoghurt and strawberries and coffee…but deteriorated rapidly..

until Marko at Eds Hair Salon saved the day…plus Ex-hubby threw me some cash…


pondering future cash flow options but can’t plan past Mumbai just now..


anyway..,there you have it..a rapid update…

p.s. Roy is getting his first design made up into a short next week..see prev ‘updates’ for explanation

p.p.s. when I get time I’m treating myself to reading Lavonnes book…

p.p.p.s. and when I feel borderline crazy ..like right now..I watch Mr Robot 🙂


see ya xx