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Yo dudes

editors Note : throughout all of the stuff below, was listening to Panjab Radio.. no idea what was being said, but kept catching the words ‘chronic constipation’ interspersed by Bhangra tracks .. 😉

Progress is slow yaaris…

Been knuckling down to digitally declutter, (I LOVE deleting stuff), and adding up my debts (taken me more than 6 head kept sliding off), doing my best to prepare for Mission Mumbai.. and enjoying the occasional spat on twitter.. currently in support of Mr Corbyn and the democratic process…oh..and doing the job thing, and mum stuff..

Digital declutter revealed my incredible ability to replicate files many times over several different locations and software… don’t even ask about the photos… Google+ and my phone and dropbox making me dizzy..and haven’t even started on Evernote yet..need to have everything in order so I can pull a decent plan together for #MM

JenVsDebt   finally added it all up , the debts I accumulated whilst roaring throuigh  my mid-life crisis/menopausal/start my own business/twitter obsession/crazy fun years

rather a lot…  £42k in credit card debts (legacy from when I earned enough to pay them)

, plus another £5k I’ve picked up along the way on credit cards with ridiculous interest rates and another £5k as a result of my attempt at a PGCE… sorting out interim payments whilst I explore JenVsDebt affiliate income scheme.. Amazon/Boots .. just sharing stuff I like, make-up,moisturiser and my favourite books… might work, might help..bracing myself to rehost this website so I can add links

Mission Mumbai  scheduled for October and too good an opportunity to miss. Set up something rad in Mumbai that will provide women who need to make some money an opportunity to create stuff, and learn business skills, and have some sort of ownership in the business. Working with the lovely Mr Kader Saab, currently living in Mumbai but formerly owner of 1SW Events/manager of Bombay Stores.. huge amount of retail export/import experience. Together, we could make some pretty stuff, which I can then sell , online.. through Desisisters network.. given the JenvsDebt situation I know I’m going to have to be creative to get that this project off the ground but feeling Amanda Palmer style inspiration and clearing the decks for a full on Kickstarter in August.. enough for a practice run mission, a workshop in Mumbai to try out these ideas, talk to the women in Mumbai about how this needs to work to suit everybody.

Mr Minty and his shirts..just working on a little blog/website for ‘#TeamMinty (Dawn and Roy), have a supportive tailor on board..first short likely to appear in a month or two.


Desisisters… is part of all of this..its the backbone… manifesto in progress

A Desisister knows that with enough optimism and enthusiasm, dedication and discipline…nothing is impossible 😉 – Desisisters Creed


Leaving you with a little Shah Rukh Khan … worth hearing,