Newsletter…round up of everything

I wrote this two weeks ago and have been trying to get back to proof read it ever since..but yeah…pretty much still inching along…progress is slow…pace of everything else a little too fast and spending far too much time bickering on the interwebs about the incredibly wonderful Mr Corbyn..anyway..coming soon.. #’Ten Reasons Why I could Never Be Prime Minister’


AS Of Two Weeks Ago…and nothing much has changed since, except Mumbai is a LOT closer


#Euro2016 my current obsession, although Brexit killed the flow..chill time, to catch up with the Summer before it gone

#Brexit..don’t ask, not best pleased by results of Referendum….atmosphere here in the UK not too bright…disgusted by the way PLP have behaved…


#RoyMinty …now this one IS a long story, but little project I;m working on with a friend…Roy Minty is making some shirts…he was studying for an Art & Fashion degree 26 years ago when his life took a bad turn…but he’s back and exploring his designer potential… will keep you posted,,,and as soon as I understand how to protect his designs I’ll share for your opinion… also…will get decent pic of Mr Minty…and his maori face tattoos..

#desiSisters .. still on it….sort of…manifesto, Declaration of Desification way overdue…working on it now

‘desification = transformation of mind, body and spirit with the correct application of the three B;s… Bollywood, Bhangra and Bling’

#MissionMumbai is still on the radar… plan is to go out early October, but other than that details are a little bit vague./ Had a lot on, see rest of this list, but will figure it all out soon, may also be sari sale in the offing, raise cash needed for materials/workshop when I when I get there..this may also mean a Kickstarter… #YouhaveBeenWarned

#Job .. yes, I have one ,,,involves ‘adulting’ for several hours a day , multiple times in a week and requires lots of cappuccinos and weekends spent frantically tring to get ready for ‘next week’

#JenvsDebt time to sort out the debts I’ve accumulated during the ‘Research and development’ phase of Desisisters…  when I refused to think about money until we started making some, which funnily enough didn’t happen as I slid further and further into the red…so bad that I haven’t managed to add it all up yet…keep losing track

anyway… using all I have learnt on the interwebs to try the affiliate income thing, will float this site onto do some affiliating..books an stuff, see if I can bring in some income to help me clear those debts.. I’ll be using the rather lovely John Paul Aguiars 30-day guide and some Customer Love….books an lipsticks an stuff..


Clear Your clutter, create your temple, think like a legend…

The mantra of the interwebs in 2010 …courtesy of Danielle laporte..frie Starter and Desire mapper…if you don’t know her, check her out

house,home, virtual world… plodding through home clutter and prettying as I go…(see hanging basket)

just need to weed the garden and paint my toenails and we’re almost there…

and then the house declutter and pretty’fication opens the path for the mother of all digital declutter…. years of files and photos and notes that need to be cleared out, rewritten…millions of Evernotes….preparation for a proper long overdue ‘business’ plan, manifesto, game plan…rules…

and I bought a hanging basket…..   #MontonFestival

#Events…not at the moment

#LavonneEllis  Interwebs old timer … van her 60’s,

working with Lavonne on pulling her memoirs together….feeling priveliged and thoroughly enjoying myself.. I love Lavonne’s writing, have been following her blog for years, been privy to her story writing before…and fascinated by her story, the way she delivers it… spans 1950′;s Diners, 60;s and The McCarthy era, the sexual revolution and new thinking, the 70’s..a broadcasting career..the InterWebs and lavonnes life online ..its a good read, looking forward to sharing..

#Mancub is home from University for the summer and its sweet…knocked my routine out for a while whilst he adjusted to being home ..sleeping before 4am, etc.. sweet though to have him home, and he now cooks which is pretty good..

#TheBlondeThing  yeah..this… gave into the grey a couple of months ago, stripped all the colour out of my hair and had blonde streaks… took some getting used to but been playing around with pastel colours and it looks pretty cool … sometimes… although it has completely busted my #UndercoverAsian look…

#Team10B unbelievably amazing plan to change the face of education is on hold due to all of the above …

I have flowers at the front door, woke up to the mancub and girl singing a track from The Sound of Music and giggling and the day stayed that way..

have to do the job thing again tomorrow…  may need to sleep ..

love and peace from a beautifully blissful sunny Sunday in Manchester… xx















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