Hellooooo…have I bored you all to death

Hellooooo…have I bored you all to death talking about the event yet… ? at least I didn’t end up in Hospital this time…still pretty shattered and it seems Bhangra HQ is on the move

had a long talk with my landlady this morning that I thought went rather well…apparently not…estate agent called me at 9.30 to tell me she was serving me with notice to Quit, whether I paid u on arrears or not.. ooooooooooooooops 🙂
oh well… been pondering on a move for a while and want something more stable..we’ll see what the next few weeks brings  

Booked a holiday at Pontins Prestatyn for my grand-daughter/the family…. 4 days in September…of being on the beach with a few of my favourite people..its not as glamorous as my previous holiday locations (Barbados,Venice,Barcelona,Sitges…and so on) but its a break…and we;re already laughing..

totally shattered so leaving it there for now, sorry no pics, had intended starting something called ‘Customer Love’ today but domicile dramas killed that one off ) explain more later



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