Time For The Shukriyas


Dear Blog readers …yo dudes 🙂

Been busy with Bollywood balls and stuff… took me nine yeras but finally opulled off the kind of ‘event’ I;d always wanted, lots of people involved, all doing their bit, all came together for a top party Saturday may 28th…

we were lucky enough to get Punjabi weather… and it was all a bit fab

I’m still in recovery…. more deets later

The video..my dancing..that’s NOT a performance..was supposed to be Rajeevs performance which I hijacked accidentally because I just can’t resist a little Punjabi MC …. its a good job he doesn’t mind…

.THE SHUKRIYAS (Thank Yous) …

This should give you some idea of just how many people pulled together to make a good party..oh and raise a £1000 for the Hospice…and keep you ghoing till I find the energy to add photos and tell you about the team…


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