Yo!!! :))))

Hi Guys

Sorry its been a ‘faster than the speed of life’ couple of weeks… I’ve been running with the IRL’s, the people of the flesh…and you know how complicated that gets…

Its been a whirl of event prep, getting the word out, frantic rehearsals..for me anyway…chasing down elephants and marigolds…and fairy lights…I abandoned the tablecloths after Dil and Linda pointed out that big round fancy dance tables meant no dance floor….

I won’t bore you with the details or kill myself trying to type them all out..but needless to say lots of people stepping up to help me sort everything out….

Sami Nk sorted my outfit via Najma,

Memona hunted down a mehndi artist

oh, and Sam cut my hair … the jury is still out on whether that was a wise move, seemed like a good idea at the time..

Rabia is making Pakora whilst she’s getting her food ready for Ramadan ..,Sabs and Ayesha have both done a stint on the phone listening to me go into event meltdown…and Memona come to think of it..seem to remember giving her brain damage a couple of weeks ago…

Louise has taken the Raffle on..chasing down all the vouchers local businesses have offered so we can get that started..

Linda bought the first tickets…

The dancers are wearing outfits donated to me/Desisisters over the years from lots of people, (‘The Dresssing Up Box’) , in this case Nazima Jabber has dressed two dancers and a couple of guests, I’m wearing Najmas Salwar Kameez…Rina Bharaths outifts have dressed another two dancers.,..and one dancer is wearing an outfit donated years ago by ladies in a temple in Birmingham, via one of the original Desisisters, Tej Purewal.

THAT is the Desisisters network in operation

THAT is who (some of ) the Desisisters are and how this works.,.

OH! and Ingrid brought the chair…

In addition Asian business contacts that know me and support my work even if they’re not quite sure what I’m doing, Lancsco are sending us a BOX of favours for our guests, and offered to brand it for us free…and 1SW following a longstanding tradition now, are senidng us THE ELEPHANTS .. Maisie and Minnie… wonder if I’ve still got the photos..and a backdrop and some marigolds..I’m going up there Friday, Bradford, AND they have a huge huge booking on Saturdya but helped last minute anyway

and Lancsco just said ‘yes’..no selling them on sponsorship/marketinbg…just ‘yes’… Felling the love I tell you


Anyway..That TOO is Desisisters…. 1SW are sort of part of The Desisisters family…

THAT is the other side of Desisisters….


anyway… should be illegal to be on the internet this tired..I know I should post pics,..but shattered…


oh yeah…and sponsor us :)) I’ll tell you about these guys tomorrow…seriously have to get some sleep.. last day in work tomorrow before the big event…would like to be conscious..

oh and did I mention..make a donation, support the girls, support the hospice, support me…or share,share,share

and yes, we will get the vidoe of the performance..


anyway…good night








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