Just An Update

Yeah…you guessed..its Bolly Ball 24/7…still..although if I’m honest now infinitely more chilled than I was…. no point selling the ‘;Zindagi Khubsoorat Hai angle if I’m not gonna live it myself

Gotta be quick , got to learn my moves…just under 4 weeks to go and haven’t started…

flyers/posters/tickets nightmare finally sorted, tickets come today…the rest tomorrow

first day back at work today after Bank Holiday…..and its my sons birthday.. the big Three-OH! (30) ….and he’s 70 miles away, celebrations/family get togeyther shelved til Sunday, by which time I suspect rest and recuperation will be all he’s capable of..

and its really sunny again today in Manchester, loving my commute…just a little bit London going to work on the train/tram and all that..strutting into work clutching my Cappucino like a pro 🙂


Cannot avoid learning the dance moves any longer…

Did I mention its pay day Friday….cannot wait… gonna pour myself a big one and relish paying all my bills, then hit Rusholme in pursuit of something stunning to perform this dance routine in…


love an peace

Jen xx

tickets are online if you;re interested .. buy here (£1 surcharge..sorry..Skiddle)

and rewritten the Facebook blurb ..  ditto….if you;re interested



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