Its Going a Bit Mad at Bhangra HQ

You know that thing…with childbirth and labour,where  you do actually more or less forget how bad it is until you are actually in labour again ?… for me, ‘events’ are like that…

i always forget just how much needs to be done, that these things don’ t just happen… and in the rush of enthusiasm for a night out I might actually enjoy,  I dive in…and it all sort of goes downhill from there..

The last time I tried to do an ‘event’.,.a little tiny one, me and the henna artists ended up in hospital .. the time before that the whole thing had gone so badly wrong that I had to be dragged to the event…

This time to be fair is tons better..just feeling a bit whacked, been full on ploughing through stuff to be done, after work every night… and the list seems endless

Dance routine is decided on….. outfits, make up, mehndi and bangles, sorting as we speak… flyers and posters make me weep…tickets are coming Tuesday,marginally pixelated flyers wednesday

… list of things that needs sorting seems never ending.. could be because I just keep thinking about stuff instead of doing it … procrastination always was my favourite sport…..


So Why ?


Bring the village together for a performance, the idea came from Aaja Nachle.

Its the name of a film but also literally means ‘come and dance’

For those of you that don’t know the film,one woman brings everyone in her village together for a drama performance ,  to save the local ampitheatre (its India.. you can do stuff outdoors).. said ampitheatre  is under threat of demolition to become a shopping mall.. whole village gets involved in the production,  appreciation of life and each other grows..

so give that a very British twist and you have a bunch of people coming together and having a really good laugh..

me and the Monton Dance team …honestly

the dance team is made up of real people who have never danced before, performed even, none of who know much Bollywood, with exception of mysef, Dil (Postmaster) and Afsheen..we also have a world champion Irish Dancer joining the team, but he’s never danced Bollywood either..  .. so its a bit like ‘The full Monty’ but without the stripping..and for charity , not for personal gain.. team gallery

Picked Mahi Ve   from the fim Kal Ho na Ho (Tomorrow May Not Come) for our performance …

and the images on the poster ?, from Kabhi Khushi Khabhi Gham (‘through happiness and Tears’).. hopefully you’re picking up on the theme here..

All three films about family, community, love and how dancing together reminds you how important all those things are…LIFE IS PRECIOUS .. don;t wait for it to be perfect to be happy..and dance..and laugh ..and do stupid stuff on a dance floor for charity..

All three films are well worth a watch..hunt them down on Netflix, buy the dvd on Amazon, you won’t regret it..

DesiSisters =  transformation of mind, body and soul

ZKH score increases ..Thats what we do…

ZKH = Zindagi Khubsoorat Hai (Life Is Beautiful) ..

… stop and enjoy ourselves for a night, leave all our worries behind , enjoy each others company, celebrate our community..and../hopefully raise a small fortune for St Anns hospice..or a good few hundred quid at least…

I still need 12 tablecloths (8 round , four long ), a few bin bags full of marigolds, all the fairy lights I can get my hands on, elephants..and a videographer.

If you can help please get in touch  email :


after 2am…. heading to bed … remember tablecloths, sparkly size 16’s …get in touch