Just rambling at midnight…

I would like people who say ‘aw bless’ to be shot at dawn…along with people who address me as ‘hun’

oh..and whilst I’m at it , I’d add all the people who say stupid shit like ‘you really need to focus’… like I’m choosing to think randomly and live life like I spent one hour too many on an Alton Towers ride…besides..most of the time , ‘you really need to focus’ translates more accurately as ‘I’m too fucking stupid to follow your train of thought’…

not feeling the love today, you might have guessed…

Mumbai has been postponed, and not getting the wildly ecstatic response to my party, I mean Charity event, that I’d hoped for…not relishing the prospect of huge effort for a crap night out. hate it when i create events that even i don’t want to go to..

Mumbai was pure adventure and plans to create something completely new and super rad on the ‘female empowahmwent’ front… womens co-op kind of thing but where the women got business skills training so they could run the thing themselves, and export, and do the marketing, and of course making stuff that I would then sell here in Uk/online/.everywhere in the world obviously and was gonna be the biggest, best thing evah!

But then i spent the money I needed to get there, whilst i was busy having and recovering from multiple vaccinations so I didnt get rabies and die like the guy in Slumdog Millionaire’, so now it has to wait until i can make more monies.. and I know I only do ‘now’..so good chance it might not happen…

And I was really lucky to get a good job just when it looked like I had finally reached financial nemesis, all cards maxed out, rent overdue, etc etc etc.

And…New job is good,place is relaxed..and team are witty and smart which is always a bonus.and pay is very good…and I get to wear nice clothes, once I can afford to buy some..but would rather have been in Mumbai…trotting about in a tuk-tuk choosing fab sparkly shit to make/sell back here…..on the upside, the likelihood of me finding myself living on the pavement in a cardboard box has receded into the distance and the bills can, eventually be paid… and its Oracle…whose databases are a little passion of mine.. so not soo bad really

I am also without wi-fi.(bills).. using my smartphone tethered right now,working quite well,..but no TV channels… had to miss this weeks Olivia Pope fix.. she’s running my virtual mastermind group right now (‘What Do You Want..What Do You Need’ ? Scandal ?)

This blog post has just been interrupted by a teenager entering and exiting the house without acknowledging my existence, or my repeated calls of ‘Josh, is that you…’ ??!!

I think he can only actually see/hear me when he’s hungry….havent quite forgiven him for putting me off betting on the winner of the grand national today…..would have a couple of hundred quid richer right now if i hand’t taken his advice 😦

In other news, and ‘new job’ related…

cobbled together an outfit for work (its been a while_, rustled up my old suit, found a pair of shoes and hit the street monday morning looking the part..only to rip the hem of my skirt getting out of the car, don;t ask me how, I don’t know either,and then trip up a step ripping the sole off my shoe..looked fabulous by the time  got to the office..not..

on thursday I also managed to set my one remaining respectable coat on fire…I wasn’t wearing it at the time, although it was on the back of the chair I was sitting ion at the time… mancub (aforementioned teenager) pointed out that a cloud of smoke was pouring out behind me at which point I realised I had backed my chair into the fire..

which reminds me of the time I set my coat on fire on the way to work..

I was driving down the M62, and could feel a warm spot in the centre of my back..getting warmer and warmer.started fumbling about , whilst still driving on the motorway only to discover  that the cigarette I had thrown out of the window had flown back in again..

Think that’s enough rambling for one night…. comment ‘aw bless’ and  I swear….

Possible rework of burnt coat ??