Bollywood Charity Dance Challenge – Monton

yo dudes.…!!

good stuff happening in Monton Village this summer…

well, there could be, if we all decide to get involved.. #YouKnowYouWantTo

Remember the Ice Bucket Challenge ? Last years Charity Challenge ?, where you filmed yourself getting drenched by iced water, well

Desisisters (and Dil) have come up with something much more fun…nicer..and..more complicated too but then there’s a party !! all worth it in the long run..and hopefully raise some money for charity

Fact A: St Anns Hospice,local charity, well loved by the community, needs £16.00 a day raised to keep going..

Fact B: Dil, our village Postmaster, (Mr Dilip Patel ) can dance..and so can most of the village…

Fact C: Monton is the home of Desisisters.. the group with the aim of transforming life for everyone everywhere, restoring the spirit of enthusiasm and optimism everywhere we go.. honestly 😉


OBVIOUSLY.. perfect opportunity for a Bollywood Charity Dance Challenge !

Whats that you say ?

The Challenge – Desisisters are challenging the villagers of Monton/residents/local inhabitants/anyone who wants to join in… to perform one dance routine together, at the Liberal Club on last May Bank Holiday weekend.. May 28th

the routine is 7. minutes long and involves a variety of dance styles.. might have to be some rework here and there…BUT

THIS ONE IS THE one they are going to do



Post Office are in for the dance…,obviously(Dil and Michelle), along with Julie and Niamh from Ogden & Sandiford (our Village jeweller ) Val Ashall from Lady V ,Maxine,Ingrid and the Brass Monkeys….possibly Nat West… have all expressed an interest….need to find  enough sponsors, recruit team

A video will be made of the ‘performance’ and posted online with a Donation link for the Hospice.

Coming ?

Tickets will be available 6 weeks before the event..keep posted …

Event/Party  on Facebook here… Bollywood Charity Ball

want to join in ?

Everybodys welcome… rehearsals, initial meet up to discuss will take place in next couple of weeks, get Easter enjoyed and over first… No ability to dance necessary..just a willingness to have a laugh, learn some new moves and enjoy yourself…..oh, and of course, help raise much needed cash for St Anns Hospice..

If you are IN….

Facebook :    message Desisisters on Facebook

Email me :


want to sponsor ?

It would be wonderful if we could get the costs of the event covered before we sell tickets so that 100% of every ticket goes straight to the Hospice..

The event, printing, DJ etc costs £500, everyone involvedis  working on a Charity Rate… There are 4 sponsors on board as of today (Good friday, 25th March ),

Padgetts Estate Agent, Sandiford and Ogden,BP Cambridge Grove and United Butchers, Liverpool Road

another 16 and we’re covered.

Remember….any sponsorship over 500 will go straight to St Anns Hospice.


Sponsorship blocks start at £25, one of those little squares on the bottom of flyer.

Will put logo’s of sponsors on front and back of flyer, tweet, share and post our thank you’s to any business that steps up to help us make this happen.(1000 flyers, 20 posters… every blog post, tweets,shares,online shout outs)

if you would like to sponsor, and I would be HUGELY grateful if you did…

email me :

Raffle Prizes… yes, if you have any, would be very welcome …

want to do your own thing in your own town ?

#BollywoodDanceCharityChallenge #ShowUsYourJalwa #Shava Shava

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