Keep on cleaning up online

My background task for the next few weeks… that digital declutter that I’ve been meaning to do for like a million years… will share the fun things I find…as I go

Sorry this is a post about my posts… had the first round of jabs for India this week and feel rough… Hep A, Hep B,Typhoid,Rabies..two more of same to come dipth/tetanus and polio… lovely …so, bit beyond a good post right now

coming soon :

#MissionMumbai.. the story of why I’m getting on a plane to India with barely a penny in my pocket… and why its a really good idea right now..

The Business Model for Desisisters... my vision for a womens global,multinational, anarchic co-operative …

The Incredibly Condensed ILA...a remnant of my PGCE and something really worth sharing. The ILA was my last assignment, had ‘fail’ confirmed at 8pm on night I was supposed to submit, relief really, but still..interesting. Its about Working Class Boys in Education.. and why they fail…  and my doomed #Team10B project

and then….

The Interweb Wizards .. a top twenty guide to the people I find most amazing online..the real world changers, the cubicle escapees and game changers in the business world, in terms of what we do, why and how..)

and after that probably a lot of panicky posts about all the things I need to do before I go to Mumbai… I’m really not the sort of International Businesswoman type… fingers crossed I don;t get lost at the stopover.. :D.. or on the way to the airport 🙂