hey guys…..#missionMumbai and BollyBalls

Beautiful sunny morning here in Manchester…

just sat in the wreckage that is my office…dining room with a suitcase full of sari and salwar kameez spilling over against the wall, pots of pens, and highlighters and blu-tack everywhere…not that I use most of them….and a lovely sunny day waving at me from outside


#MissionMumbai … planning to go to Mumbai in a month, with a start date for that ‘month’ that keeps moving… vaccinations should be all done by 2nd March, hopefully visa too.#

Why I’m going out there, and what I want to do is another whole long story/blog post..far too long for someone still in her PJ’s on a Sunday lunchtime…but has a lot to do with Desisisters and getting our hands on some ‘wmd’s’, (weapons of mass desification), to then sell across Desisisters network, thereby empowering ourselves with sunshine,sweetness…and glitter,..whilst simultaneously supporting a few women in India ?

Working with a friend in Mumbai,again…full explanation to follow

#BollyBalls .. this one is taking off on its own…

few months ago our Village Postmaster, Mr Dilip Patel saab, shared a video on Facebook of himself and a few friends performing a dance routine at a friends wedding. This somehow gave us the idea to have a charity dance night where the performers would be a dance group formed from the village traders and residents..

Teacher training made it impossible to do anything for a few months but now its back on and making all of us here in Monton giggle. Venue is booked (Eccles Liberal Club – May 1st in case you’re wondering/local/tempted to book a flight and join us 🙂)

again…more details to follow..

Which leaves me with all the practical problems going on in the background

Laptop keeps crashing, Bailiffs banging at the door (regretting getting arsy over a parking fine, which I long since paid, now arguing over Bailiffs first visit which happened without warning back in dec, and put £235 onto the bill (£93 originally), contravening procedure. Since then have had innumerable phone calls, recorded letters, Equita sent Bailiffs out again and hey ho, I now owe them close to £500… I seriously can’t see how escalating a debt makes it payable..

and like I said, my laptop, which I desperately need right now, keeps having little panic attacks and crashing..

oh..and I have no income whilst I’m sorting all of this out, although that situation looks set to improve soon

so..there you have it.. Sunday Mornings at Bhangra HQ.. Captains Log 7/2/2016

Off to get outside and enjoy some of that sunshine//./.

excuse terrible pic …photography very obviously not my thing…