a life in the day of….

There are bits of marshmallow on the keyboard..and a bit on the desk that my arm keeps sticking to..this is what happens when your day goes turbo and you end up having Tunnocks teacakes for tea…

the same day when I noticed whilst in a ‘business’ meeting that the ‘smart’ jumper I was wearing was actually carrying little bits of food..not the said teacakes , they came later….

Despite starting my day with a frantic search for how to counteract Bailiff fees … (Parking fines are the bane of my life….and this was NOT supposed to go this far..) I managed to have a dress up and hurled myself into a meeting .(dirty jumper..)

actually before I did that I vaguely remember phoning a few people, including a Graphic Designer/Tattoo Artist called Julian I met on a train a few weeks ago (on way back from London) and arranging a swift skills swap… slight move further forward on the Desisisters design front..


Moving at ever increasing speed….made it to Salford Online offices where I spent two hours giving the lovely Tom Rodgers and Brian E brain damage talking social media and ways of monetising websites that will keep our local community newsline alive and well without spamming anybody…Ads , Affiliates.. (by the way, if you’re reading this and you have a business in Salford…check out their advertising rates.. if you quote #ILOVESALFORD you get 10% off and I get 10% towards #MissionMumbai)

From there…it all went a bit nuts… I need to sort stuff for Mumbai (passport arrived today , dye my hair , find clothes to wear for a photoshoot Monday for website  whilst organise a Bollywood Charity Ball -mayday Monton…..performance to be delivered by local residents who under the direction of Village Postmaster, Mr Dilip patel, will hit the dancefloor with a little Shava Shava.. will keep you posted on that one..

you get the picture..and somehow figure out how to pay rent/bills whilst all of the above come together … Kickstarter needs to be done..

FORGOT TO EAT .. by 3pm passing out..hit Padgetts, (village estate agents ) gave Jean brain damage talking about their website..again…sorted eyebrows with my friends at Sunset Boulevard (desi photo shoot.. eyebrows MUST be immaculate), lurched into coffee shop for coffee and bagel..lurched out again 15 minutes later

Random conversation on the steps of Post Office with Mr Happy Feet , Dilip Patel(postmaster)…rapid discussion re:said Charity Ball (St Annes Hospice beneficiaries in case you’re wondering)..

Still wearing dirty jumper… several phone calls to daughter throughout trying to establish what was expected of mums taxi for today

Revisit to Padgetts where I tried (unsuccessfully) to persuade Mr ‘Macarena’ Brindle to join the Bollywood team, an impromptu performance on the night has not been ruled out..

Staggered through door about 5? next time I looked at clock it was …facebook/twitter notifications, emails..calledvariouys people leaving odd garbled messages and f**k knows who else all connected to Desisisters/Bollywood Ball

…ran off at almost 7 for a whinge and wine (red) re:bailiffs – with legal friend only to realise halfway there that I had forgotten all paperwork..

one of those days where I’ve forgotten something everywhere I go…purse,keys,name, address…

I even managed to screw up ordering a pizza at 8pm and somehow found myself sharing chappattis and nehari with the guys who owned the pizza place (their dinner :))…seems two Tunnock teacakes is not sufficient to keep hunger at bay for long

collected daughter from work at 10.30ish…

vaguely remember messaging various other people (DJ, Dholi ,Bhangra )..and starting discussion about potential club night … like I need more stuff to do 🙂

All of this conducted whilst fighting off growing panic , living on nil income trying not to think about the rent/bills..and bailiffs…and still wearing the dirty jumper.. :O


Had a bath, jumped in bed,

wide awake thereafter ?? ftw? < what else to do but write a ‘captains log’ blog post 🙂

apologies If I’ve made you suffer… 🙂

will explain soon re: MissionMumbai…. kickstarter. and  Bolly Balls..of the dancing variety…



HUGE APOLOGIES to anybody reading this who feels like they now have brain  damage… if you need to unsubscribe, go for it, I won’t mind 🙂 At the moment, its more of a daily record for friends so I don’t have to explain EVERYTHING every time I see someone and they ask ‘What have you been up to’ ???***!!

I’d add a photo of me now…grinning inanely but my phone doesn’t have a front facing camera, and I’ve lost the charger anyway…

2014-08-08 10.50.33
Taken previously on another equally insane,bizarre day