oh Beyonce !!Sack Your Stylist !

Yeah…. seriously B…what ARE you wearing ? and who put your matthi patthi on so it dangling all over your face like it slipped..and ..


THAT thing isn’t Bollywood its sort of funky tribal….which would be fine I suppose..but then that thing around your neck looks like an instrument of torture..and your duppata/chunni looks too small..and jeeez..whats with the cleavage ?? the whole look is just all kinds of f**ked up love…sorry but its true

B.!! I know your ‘brand’ relies heavily on your sex appeal but just this once.. you could have embraces the OTHER side of feminine power…and hey,maybe even just relied on the power of your voice…and if you really wanted to flash the flesh you could have worn a sari… delicately display of your lady bits ? Look, here’s Ashwairrya ..showing how its done….


and the little ‘dance’ moves...who instructed you girl ?  LOOK!  Dekho even …

THIS is what you were representing…see what I mean.. your facial gestures are supposed to compliment your hands/body..AND you looks so wooden..I mean, seriously, who talked you into this ? Its so obvious that you’re not feeling it AT ALL

the whole look is just so weird.. !

here’s what Bollywood dance really looks like … from Madhuri Dixit…

see what I mean ? look at the graceful moves, the tilt of the head, the delicate  nature of every move and every facial gesture…

Is it cultural appropriation ? looks more like misappropriation/cultural carnage to me…surprised at you Bey!!