An update…and an apology

Yeah…huge apologies for hitting 2016 on a bum note….. it was only when I saw it in my inbox that I realised it wasn’t the best ‘Hello 2016’ post…. sorry x

meant what I said about the cash focus…there are things I want to DO this year, and I need to bite the bullet and start working out how the money works, sponsors,kickstarters…consulting ?

profit… when might any of these ideas…well THE idea, really…when will all that work and come together ?

moneylove – Kate Northrup is running a challenge and its pretty good… google it and her, if you;re interested, if I start adding links this post will never get published

jonathan fields – a jewel in the crown of the interwebs..been following his blog for years, his last book, Uncertainty…giving me answers.. (the whole situation right now is financially terrifying.,.apparently this is normal…so learning to relax and lean into uncertainty) ..again…you’ll have to Google… its 11pm here…in 12 hours I’m jumping on a train to London to meet Iris Lanny, Regional Director for Oracle Academy, something I’m very keen to be involved with, although not quite sure how at this moment in time, given the nature of my several world chaging projects on the go, simutaneously πŸ™‚

which brings me too :

London/oracle/team10b – I accidentally had more ideas whilst I was doing the PGCE (the one I failed a couple of weeks ago :)) .. yeah THAT one..anyway… I got this idea about creating a summer holiday project, working with Year 10 pupils from my placement school, to work as a web software cpompany adn explore all their ideas, monetising the website we share the project on with affiliates/sponsors..?

But make it funky, work in office space, be creative…give them a taste of life at the top.. and at the same time give them a chance to explore their GCSE, build websites., write games, apps, everything they told me they wanted to do..

anyway..thats Team10B .. so heading off to Betts Show (Education tools and IT)

and its London in the morning..and I have no idea where my clothes are..and a vague idea of the location of my hairbrush..need to print tickets off talk to lots of people about what they are doing with education in India/Pakistan… and Team10B sponsor sniffing.. πŸ™‚

After I’ve met Iris Lanny from oracle Academy.. she looks rather smart..seriously need to find that hairbursh πŸ™‚ hairbrush even !

But before I go .. (sorry..realised I only blog when nothing is happening.,.hence erratic dull bringing you completely up to date with happenings)

desisisters session at uni next week .. oh yes .. must mention this..

Desisisters … saris, salwar, bhangra and bollywood, mehndi and masti mayhem πŸ™‚ Doing a two hour session with a group of trainee teachers at Manchester Metropolitan University next week (28th)..should be a great laugh, and possibly by the end of it, another 20+ people will understand the meaning of ‘ZIndagi Khubsoorat Hai’ .. yup, this was my class, and my favourite bit of the PGCE..apart from the kids πŸ™‚ who were hilarious..but anyway..

Back to updates

and there’s talk of a Bollywood charity sponsored dance thing in May.. local shopkeepers in Monton form a dance group,haven’t told most of them yet..but Lady V andΒ Post Office team confirmed..

and then there’s Mumbai… friend waiting for me to get back to him about a project we want to start out there

not a charity, a ‘business’, micro-franchisees, producing stuff that could be sold through desisisters network here in UK and even US (hello Charlene πŸ™‚

speaking of Charlene, took her up on the offer of a tarot reading straight after my last post…and decided to take the advice..I’ve added the reading below… its extremely relevant….but leaves a huge question mark over how I do this. Incidentally me and Charlene have been friends for a good while, she knows and understands the concept of Desisisters and and totally understands me..she’s pretty good at that.. to deal with London preparations (more coffee, print tickets).. πŸ™‚ I’m going to LONDON in the morning..realisation dawns..

and must remember to email the Bailiff before I go bed..don’t ask.. πŸ™‚

BYE>.. love and peace to anyone who;s read this all the way down …


THE READING…and pictures…This is CHARLENE


I Like her :)))))))))))) reading transcribed from Facebook Private Message

Alright, lady, let’s do this!!!!

I’m listening to Postmodern Jukebox doing Gangsta’s Paradise – I think that’s appropriate.

So, the first thing I asked is

What you should be focused on RIGHT NOW.

For this, i drew the 2 of Cups

this tells me that you’re supposed to be concentrating on a partner or someone who is going to help you.

You absolutely can’t get by on your own, you just can’t.

You weren’t made to and you’re not happy that way, so you need a partner to balance you out.

Normally, this card means lovers, but they don’t have to be a lover, they can be family, friend, etc. But they have to be someone you can bare your soul to.

(Nodding in agreement..)

Then I asked what you should do about your current job and drew the 10 of Swords. Yikes!

That tells me you need to run away from that gig as far and as fast you can – there’s nothing in it but pain. This is a situation where you are, in fact, being diminished by your work – you are suffering and you’re not imagining it. So you have to get out.

That was definitely about teaching… the actual lessons thing..and planning..excruciating experience

So then I asked what you should be doing about work and drew the 2 of Wands. For clarification, I drew the Queen of Pentacles and the 6 of Cups.

Altogether, those cards tell me that you need to do something far reaching into the future. What you’re supposed to be working on is something that is long term – it won’t be done over night, it’s not a service you can just turn around and deliver, but instead it’s a big process that is going to take time and nurturing before it can see success.


Also, the Queen of Pentacles says that you’re not supposed to be doing the detail work, you’re supposed to be directing people. The Queen is extremely capable and extremely intelligent. She is master of her domain, and that includes running her staff.


Lastly, the 6 of Cups is all about community – tribe. Family. You are NOT supposed to be doing this on your own – you’re supposed to be working with a group of people – your tribe – who love you, who respect you, who are capable, and whom you love being around. The 6 of Cups is the family card – heart or blood, the tarot doesn’t distinguish. But you need loved ones around you, Jen. And this card tells me that you’ve been isolating a lot lately and not getting that jump of juice you get when you socialize with your friends. Even though it’s Winter, you need to be interacting with people – and not just anyone, because that’s counter productive, but the right people. Get to it, lady!

On it now…. see London saga above and more..

Bonus: I grabbed my Medicine Animal deck and drew a card for guidance for you. You’re gonna laugh – I drew Jaguar. I actually had to look it up because Jaguar is a new card in this deck – a few years ago they re-released the deck and added 5 animals to it, and Jaguar is one of those. But, Jaguar is all about integrity and living true to your values and beliefs. And this is the values and beliefs of your culture and community, but your personal ones. Jaguar would roam the dreams of the Mayan people and when he found people being untrue to themselves, he would give them 1 warning – and if they didn’t fix it, Jaguar would come back and consume their souls. <<<==== that’s some SERIOUSNESS! Jaguar means you have REALLY got to get to it, lady – if you don’t do what is true to you, you’re going to die. Maybe not a physical death, but a soul death, and that’s even worse. Say no to zombism. ‘Kay?

Don’t think I’ll risk either…at my age there is no energy left for a dull spirit..I;d just shrivel up and die

I really hope that helps! Just let me know if you have any questions, okay?

Love you girl!


2016 Here I come πŸ˜‰