fat ,bored and broke..Hello 2016 :)


Yeah…sorry…no gushing pseudo jollity here.. finally got to the end of all the fun (and it was just about the most fun 10 years of my life..and the worst financially …oooops) and yup…facing grim reality..again  🙂

Just had a fairly thrilling but equally disastrous encounter with a PGCE (teacher training – computing) ,and currently ,as in RIGHT NOW, pulling an all-nighter to get an assignment done.

simultaneously realising that i have fundamental issues with getting anything done that requires more than an hour , make that ten minutes to do…

3am before i stopped playing around with stats and reading yet more ‘research’ and got stuck into actually writing the thing…


Christmas was ok… dull but it happened..and there was enough..just ..of food..and far too much chocolate..and cake..and food,food,food, marred by constant worry about money

I’ll spare you the details but fat, bored and broke pretty much sums it up 🙂

Seems PGCE is not the answer to my prayers but has spawned more ideas for exciting stuff I could do

just this year I need to acknowledge the need to put the money behind my ideas,projects.. …

reverting back to desisisters , the idea that will not die…, with a #team10B project also in the offing. I seem to have become permanently attached to the classes I have just taught…

and… planning a trip to Mumbai, Desisisters has a University session in the offing, and a charity event…and the first micro-franchisee is on board..

just need some money… theme for 2016 … ‘Dirty Cash’..time to stop pretending I don’t need it..’dirty cash i wnat you, dirty cash i need you’…


its 7.30am on 6th Jan 2016 and assignment has to be in by 9pm tonight, I’ve been up ..and working..ALL night.. so not going to be fully operational for much longer…need to go

leaving you with my theme tune for 2016… all in my life is good right now…apart from the financial quicksand i’m stood on 🙂